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Lysine and Methionine are two amino acids that should be an essential part of any ruminant feeding formulation. Both amino acids are crucial to achieving the best production performance for your animals.

At Kemin, we combine Lysine and Methionine to produce a reliable, balanced amino acid formulation. Our industry know-how, backed by rigorous research, has allowed us to produce the most cost-effective formulation of rumen-protected Lysine. 

Role of Lysine Nutrition In Ruminant Diets

  • Improves R.O.I and net income in field conditions;
  • Improves milk production and milk protein synthesis;
  • Increases milk casein production maximizing the dairy industry profitability enhancing its cheese efficiency (less kilograms of milk needed to produce one kilogram of cheese);
  • Improves health status and immunometabolism, clear positive effect during heat stress period and better reproductive performance;
  • Supports proper growth, helps to absorb and conserve calcium with a specific role in the collagen formation and connective tissue;
  • Is a precursor in the mammary gland for non-essential amino acids;
  • Is a precursor of carnitine (the transport vehicle to carry long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for ß-Oxidation).

It is impossible to meet optimal Lysine concentrations in ruminant diets without using rumen-protected lysine supplements. It, therefore, becomes critical to choose an additive that will deliver the highest amount of metabolizable Lysine for the lowest price.

To achieve this, Kemin has developed LysiPEARL, an encapsulated Lysine formulation that protects Lysine from the gastric environment, allowing high concentrations of Lysine to be delivered to and absorbed in the small bowel. 

  • Ensures high intestinal availability of rumen-protected Lysine;
  • Improved efficiency of metabolizing protein;
  • Improves milk protein quality;
  • Improves fat synthesis;
  • Improves overall animal performance;
  • Highly cost-effective.

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We use a proprietary spray freezing process to produce our encapsulated Lysine. This encapsulation produces a feed that flows freely and is resistant to the physical damage that takes place during feed mixing and pelleting. When using LysiPEARL you will find your feed easy to handle – ideal for feed production and mixing. By having a secure source of Lysine in your feed rations, your nutritionists will have greater flexibility to choose ingredients when formulating balanced rations.


LysiGEM is the ideal solution to achieving amino acid-balanced feed for your dairy cows. LysiGEM facilitates rumen bypass and maximizes the amount of digestible lysine in the small intestine. Kemin’s proprietary encapsulation technique creates a free-flowing feed that is resistant to the physical damage caused by feed processing.

Using encapsulated Lysine is a convenient, cost-effective approach to protein nutrition. And LysiGEM is the most cost-effective rumen-protected Lysine in the market thanks to have the highest amount of Lysine content and the highest Lysine bioavailability.

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LysiGEM´s MICROCAPSULES (small GEMs of Lysine HCL specially coated to ensure the best rumen protection rate and the highest intestinal availability) were developed using our Five-step process for rumen-protected Amino Acids Validation Criteria. LysiGEM’s particle size, specific gravity, encapsulation technology, and the highest Lysine content, provide the greatest amino acid availability on the market. Our research, conducted in labs, research centers, in-vivo trials, and in dairy and beef farms at real field conditions guarantees you a cutting-edge product. Explore more about how LysiGEM is produced and the advantages it offers you.

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When developing our LysiGEM technology, a 5-step process known as Process for Rumen-Protected Amino Acids Validation Criteria was used.

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The 5-step process included laboratory research, animal research in different research centers, live plasma-free amino acid dose-response trials, stability stress trials, and production response trials in dairy and beef farms. These studies have proven greater Lysine bioavailability provided by LysiGEM than other rumen-protected Lysine products.