To query for solutions – To mine for insights

For animal nutrition and health professionals who demand unique market insights, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offers tailored scientific support through innovative service and profound analysis.

Our Customer Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated lab equipment and advanced protocols to demonstrate efficiency of our products and programs. Unique customer analysis, such as the lipid evaluation test, thoroughly evaluates quality of feed and feed raw materials. Tailored scientific reports are created on demand and bring exclusive insight. In addition, CLS scientist translate insights and know how from a laboratory environment into production facilities when visiting customers.


Partnering with our customers through tailored scientific support

Executing state of the art scientific studies, dedicated lab experiments and qualitative research

Exploiting the unique amount of data throughout the entire EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region to generate field experienced insights and applicable know how

Translating big data into relevant information

Visualizing the mode of action of various products to demonstrate the added value


Numbers tell the tale

Today, decreased animal performance is often linked to inaccurate allocated dietary energy values and induced metabolic stress by oxidized lipids. In 2014, the Customer Laboratory Services team has designed an exclusive service called the Lipid Evaluation Test (LET). In total, 10 wet chemical tests are assessed focusing on both oxidative and nutritional characteristics in combination with energy diluting components.  All these parameters are used to improve energy values delivered by the Wiseman for broilers and pigs.

Since its launch, more than 800 lipid samples have been analyzed in the LET test. It shows the large variation present between lipid sources. The compiled dataset helps to fully understand the huge variability in nutritional and oxidative quality of fats and oils. 

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The lipid evaluation test is a unique tool that provides insight in fat quality. It brings you direct benefits by increasing feed formulation precision using the true energy value of your lipid source. By supplementation of the appropriate antioxidant, the energy value of your feed is preserved and a safe reformulation is made possible introducing our absorption enhancer LYSOFORTE®. Moreover, with the use of LYSOFORTE and LET, the evaluation of alternative fat sources becomes possible leading to a reduction of feed costs while maintaining animal performance. As a result, the variability in animal performance can be reduced and the profitability is increased.