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Kemin’s Customer Laboratory Services — Our Tailored Scientific Support

At Kemin, we offer highly efficient, science-based solutions tailored to your specific needs. Through innovative laboratory services and profound analyses, our scientific support is at the heart of what we do.

Specifically, our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) helps in your routine self-checks of raw materials and feed products, valorizes unique market insights in tailored scientific reports and digital dashboards, and improves your quality control plan and production processes.

We evaluate the quality of your feed and raw materials, screen samples for a wide range of desirable and undesirable constituents, and much more.

Moreover, our laboratory comprises state-of-the-art equipment and advanced protocols demonstrating the efficiency of our products and programs. 

Our Tailored Scientific Support

Animal nutrition and health professionals need qualified data and advice to optimize ways of working and to ensure competitiveness. And we know that nutrition is one of the most critical parameters in feed production and is directly impacted by feed quality. In fact, we’ve garnered extensive data on this through our 40-year history in laboratory services.

We believe that analyzing raw materials, ensuring correct additive implementation, and assuring overall feed quality are essential to your success. Our goal is to bring these valuable insights to your door. 

Our CLS provides a quality evaluation of feed and feed raw materials. We constantly screen thousands of feed and raw material samples. Screenings generate a huge database showing regional and seasonal variations, e.g. mycotoxins, oxidation, etc.

After a thorough screening of your feed and raw material samples, a tailor-made support program is created to help you move forward to best improve your production. 

We are always available for farm or feed mill visits, helping you design personalized solutions. We take samples of your feed and raw materials for evaluation testing, and if possible, monitor the health and impact of inferior constituents on your animals.

Added to this, we provide a profound laboratory service on finished feed and feed raw materials products and map out the prevalence of mycotoxins today based upon targeted animal species, raw materials, region, etc. The results of this are displayed in interactive dashboarding and tailored reporting.

We advise you on correct sampling procedures for proper rapid on-site (e.g. readers, kits) or in lab evaluations of your product. Coupled with this, we provide a range of digital services such as risk assessments and benchmarking.

It’s key to choose the right partner in your quest to improve animal health and production.

At Kemin, we support you in optimizing the animal's performance, feed, and process efficiency — and we’ll go to the limit to do that to ensure your success.

After 40 years in the field, we can assuredly say that partnering with us directly impacts the quality of your animals’ lives. We boost production efficiency and profitability by improving the delivery of  high-quality end products like milk, eggs, and meat — all with reduced environmental impact.