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Kemin’s Scientific Services — Our Tailored Scientific Support

Kemin's Scientific Services 

Beyond Conventional Lab Support

Kemin’s Scientific Services team provides you with expert scientific support for routine quality assessments of feed and raw materials.  We offer tailored solutions to tackle your unique and complex challenges. We also ensure onsite and/or on-farm assistance through our range of point-of-care toolkits.  

With our expertise, collaborative spirit, and customer-centric approach, we guarantee a partnership built on trust and quality. We aim to go beyond conventional problem-solving and deliver results that drive your success. 

What do we promise?

  • Routine laboratory support to complement your quality control process. 
  • Coupling science and industry know-how to go beyond conventional problem-solving. 
  • End-to-end Salmonella monitoring with our centralized service approach. 
  • Effective mycotoxin risk assessment at every link of the feed chain. 
  • Precision welfare monitoring to escape bigger problems. 
  • On-farm animal health monitoring at your convenience. 

Our portfolio

Routine laboratory services

At our advanced laboratory with cutting-edge analytical facilities, we specialise in providing routine monitoring services for various feed raw materials, silages, compound feed, and more. Our aim is to partner with you to regularly evaluate the nutritional composition, feed processing parameters and contamination risks by selecting the appropriate tests. With our standardised procedures, we guarantee quality and reliable results. 

  • Microbiological risk assessment using ISO standard protocols. 
  • Mycotoxin monitoring using LC-MS/MS technology. 
  • Salmonella monitoring in feed and biological and environmental swabs.  
  • Oxidative and nutritional quality analysis of dietary animal fats and vegetable oils. 
  • Physical and chemical composition analysis of raw materials and finished feeds. 

Tailored laboratory services

We use our extensive scientific and industry expertise to address challenges that arise in feed and animal production. Our approach involves comprehensive analysis of the problem, intelligent project design, setting practical milestones, detailed data analysis, and expert interpretation to assist you in meeting your objectives. 

  • In-depth lipid nutritional analysis for feed formulation support. 
  • Customized stability and efficacy testing. 
  • Project-based analytical method development. 
  • Project-based research on alternative nutrient sources.  
  • Emergency problem-solving support.  

Onsite toolkits

We prioritize real-time problem-solving from the point of need, partnering with our team of field experts to provide hands-on support. This includes precise sampling techniques, setting up on-site tools, and appropriate training and guidance. 

  • Quantitative, portable mycotoxin assessment toolkit for cereals and grains.  
  • Quick and easy-to-use tool to monitor piglet diarrhea on-farm. 
  • Semi-quantitative lateral flow toolkit to monitor necrotic enteritis in poultry. 
  • Portable PCR tool for Salmonella monitoring onsite. 
  • Portable and easy-to-use pellet durability tester.