To query for solutions – To mine for insights

For animal nutrition and health professionals who demand unique market insights, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) offers tailored scientific support through innovative service and profound analysis.

Our Customer Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated lab equipment and advanced protocols to demonstrate efficiency of our products and programs. Unique customer analysis, such as the lipid evaluation test, thoroughly evaluates quality of feed and feed raw materials. Tailored scientific reports are created on demand and bring exclusive insight. In addition, CLS scientist translate insights and know how from a laboratory environment into production facilities when visiting customers.

Karen Bierinckx is presenting on the 14th Turkey Science and Production Conference on her presentation ‘Lipids: Consistently inconsistent. Variability in commercial fats and oils’. She explains ‘The effect of oxidation on the nutritional quality of feed lipids is often an underestimated issue. Data shows that in 2 out of 3 samples analyzed, oxidation is present and leading to large variations in the nutritional quality of fats and oils’. Download the proceedings below! 

Download the proceedings


Partnering with our customers through tailored scientific support

Executing state of the art scientific studies, dedicated lab experiments and qualitative research

Exploiting the unique amount of data throughout the entire EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region to generate field experienced insights and applicable know how

Translating big data into relevant information

Visualizing the mode of action of various products to demonstrate the added value


The reliability of a true partner

In the pursuit to reach nutritional goals for ruminants, it is important to choose the right partner.

That’s why we don’t only develop excellent evidence-based products with a proven ROI, but we also want to be a real partner for all professionals. For you as a client, we go to the limit and beyond to support you and to ensure your success. 

Once you have decided to work with Kemin, we stand by your side every step of the way. The application of our product can be tailored to your specific needs.


As our client, you can rely on:

  • Our knowledge and research insights. Our experienced ruminant and technical services team forms the bridge between scientific knowledge and the implementation with you, in the field.
  • Free customer services offered by our dedicated Customer Laboratory Support team. 


  • The power of an international professional network and the proximity of a customer-centered organization. We are not just there to support you. Through our Lifelong Learning Program, we assist, train and support you in every step of the way. 


The KESSENT product range will be available in the EMENA market as of January 2020.

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In our Customer Laboratory Services we offer following services for our amino acid ruminant customers:

  • Inclusion Rate Evaluation to assess the exact dosage level of KESSENT™ in your specific premix, concentrate or complementary feed
  • Protection Rate Evaluation to determine the protection rate of the applied KESSENT in your specific premix or concentrate
  • Integrity – Stability Evaluation to evaluate the integrity of KESSENT in your specific premix, concentrate silage or other feed material