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millSMART™ ONLINE – Unlocking Profitability In Feed Milling

To maximize profitability your feed milling must produce high volumes without compromising quality. Therefore, at Kemin, we have conducted extensive research to understand the key factors influencing feed production. By collecting this data, the efficacy of your milling operation can be understood and improved. 

millSMART ONLINE — How It Works

Kemin's millSMART ONLINE program is the key to unlocking the profitability of your feed milling operations. millSMART draws on big data analytics together with real-time electronic production monitoring to optimize each step of your production chain.

Our solutions are tailored for your unique circumstances. Our expert application technology and digitalization tools in KEMINCONNECT generate real-time data-based performance visualizations, allowing you to make accurate, high impact decisions. 


Features of millSMART ONLINE

millSMART ONLINE interfaces seamlessly with other Kemin product lines, that further optimize your feed production. These include:

  • Sal CURB® for reducing Salmonella contamination risk;
  • Myco CURB® for mould inhibition;
  • KEM WET™ to provide exceptional milling efficiency.

To date, millSMART ONLINE has been implemented with a wide range of global customers. This has given us an in-depth understanding of how to integrate our solutions into commercial and real-life environments. 

Major savings

On average, our clients have seen a total net saving of approximately €10 per tonne of feed when using millSMART ONLINE. 

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