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Improved Transition and Post-calving Productivity

Choline Supplement for Dairy Cows

Improved transition & post-calving productivity

At Kemin, we understand the critical role of the transition phase in setting the tone for healthy animals and a profitable business. We strive to leverage the benefits of Choline to turn challenges into opportunities for optimal ruminant nutrition. 

The challenge of unutilized fat in transition cows

During the transition phase, a large amount of unutilized fat accumulates in the liver, posing a threat to your profit margin. In fact, our research indicates a high prevalence of subclinical ketosis and fatty liver issues impacting overall herd health.

  • Subclinical Ketosis — Europe has an 11-36% prevalence, correlated with economic losses.

  • Fatty Liver — Between 50-60% of transition cows experience moderate to severe fatty liver.

Benefits of Choline supplement for dairy cows

Choline nutrition promotes better liver function during the transition phase and early lactation. Beyond increased production levels, Choline plays a crucial role in immunity, health, and reproduction, making it a key component of successful ruminant nutrition.

Key advantages of CholiGEM™ — Our Choline innovation

CholiGEM™ is our flagship Choline product at Kemin, designed to elevate your herd's health, increase milk production, and ensure a smooth transition phase. It offers:

  • 140% more concentrated encapsulated Choline chloride.

  • Triple bioavailability with more than three times bioavailable source of Choline chloride.

  • Inclusion in our unique C3 Model ensures the highest peak in the cow’s blood.

The science behind the innovation

AUC Bioavailability Research demonstrates that: 

  • CholiGEM’s Choline reaches the blood in 5.4 hours compared to 10.9 hours for another product.

  • CholiGEM’s AUC was 1279 AU, significantly higher (P<0.05) than another product's AUC (503 AU).

  • Extensive research indicates that CholiGEM provides 2.5 times more Choline to the cows.

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Our unique C3 model for ruminant nutrition 

At Kemin, we have developed a unique C3 Model that ensures we achieve the best results through Choline Supplement for Dairy Cows. Our next generation of encapsulated Choline solution — CholiGEM™ — is an innovation in Choline nutrition, raising the bar for higher performance from ruminant animals. With superior bioavailability and a green footprint, it provides flexibility for application and benefits you in various ways.

The uniqueness of the C3 Model lies in:
  • Choline Core Development — For optimal coating with technical ingredients.

  • Scientific Coating — A perfect scientific balance, not too strong or weak, results in excellent results with 60% Choline chloride.

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