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LYSOFORTE EXTEND — Improving Production Efficiency And Profitability

Feed costs continue to rise, and the increased volatility of meat and egg prices means that achieving optimal production efficiency has never been more important to producers. Typically, producers use exogenous enzymes to increase the degradation of nutrients, increasing their availability for the animal. However, absorption capacity is key. Unless the animal can absorb the available nutrients, they will be excreted and ultimately wasted.

Applying a nutrient absorption enhancer, allows producers to obtain maximum benefit from both the diet and any enzymes applied.

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LYSOFORTE EXTEND is a unique nutrient absorption enhancer that contains a synergistic mix of three active ingredients in a specific patented ratio. Lysophospholipids are combined with essential digestive compounds such as monoglycerides and emulsifiers, to provide a complete solution for improving nutrient digestion and absorption. The product liberates numerous dietary nutrients by optimizing all phases of the lipid digestion process.

LYSOFORTE EXTEND enhances nutrient absorption through a multi-level, synergistic mode of action. It improves the lipid emulsification process, increasing the surface area available for lipase activity, and therefore improving nutrient degradation.

It increases the degradation of fat, helping to remove the fat matrix so other digestive enzymes can better access the nutrient substrate and subsequently increase nutrients available to the animal.

By stimulating the initiation, formation, and stabilization of mixed micelles, LYSOFORTE EXTEND, substantially improves lipid hydrolysis, again increasing the quantity of free fatty acids available for absorption.

Added to this, LYSOFORTE EXTEND is proven to alter membrane fluidity and protein channel formation, increasing absorption of nutrients across the enterocyte membrane. By stimulating gene expression related to collagen deposition, the product enhances villi formation, gut integrity, and strength.

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LYSOFORTE EXTEND provides value to your poultry or swine business and can be applied ‘on top’ of the existing diet or in reformulation. It substantially supports growth performance and feed efficiency as well as providing a multitude of additional benefits across all stages of production:


LYSOFORTE EXTEND for poultry ensures:

  • Enhanced performance of young birds during development of their gastrointestinal tract;
  • Increased daily body weight gain;
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency reducing feed cost per kg body weight or per egg;
  • Increased egg quality as seen in increased egg size, higher commercial classification of eggs, and enhanced yolk pigmentation;
  • Improved egg production, hatchability, and fertility;
  • Improved meat yield;
  • Better carcass quality as seen in less abdominal fat deposition;
  • Significant feed cost savings when applied with its recommendation nutritional matrix in reformulation.


LYSOFORTE EXTEND for pigs ensures:

  • Enhanced performance of piglets during development of their gastrointestinal tract;
  • Higher weaning weights;
  • Increased piglet uniformity;
  • Decreases pre-weaning mortality;
  • Increased daily body weight gain in growing and finishing pigs reducing the number of days to slaughter;
  • Improved feed conversion efficiency reducing feed cost per kg body weight;
  • Minimizes sow weight loss during lactation
  • Improved meat yield;
  • Better carcass quality as seen in less abdominal fat deposition;
  • Significant feed cost savings when applied with its recommendation nutritional matrix in reformulation.
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LYSOFORTE EXTEND offers you a unique, sustainable, and reliable tool, in addition to your current enzyme program, helping you further reduce your feed costs while promoting animal performance and ultimately increasing production profitability.

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LYSOFORTE EXTEND is available in two different forms as well as a version for GMO-Free systems.

LYSOFORTE EXTEND Liquid is designed to suit larger feed mills. It comes with a proprietary developed, high-tech, fully automated application system (sBOX PRO) for either direct mixing into your oil/fat line, in the mixer or after pelleting, ensuring a homogeneous, accurate dosing, reducing manual labor, and saving silo/additive bin space. The sBOX PRO can be tailormade and installed at the optimal point of your feed production process with the support of our application engineers, for ensuring a long term, sustainable usage.


Together with LYSOFORTE EXTEND Dry, Kemin offers you the flexibility of choice based on your feed manufacturing conditions.


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