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Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

For years, Kemin invests in cutting-edge ruminant nutrition solutions in the dairy sector — for small ruminants and beef production. It is crucial to us that our customers are both well informed and up-to-date with the most recent research for optimal implementation and income over feed cost. 

Together with the research field and our customers, we take important steps in ruminant welfare, sustainable farming, and improved profitability — and we strongly believe these steps can only be taken together. 

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Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

We know the ruminant market has been rapidly changing over the last decade and continues to do so. Several macroeconomic drivers are in full force and at play in the market, creating both opportunities and challenges.

We believe that a balanced approach to the three key pillars of the animal production system — efficiency, health, and sustainability — can help us tackle these challenges. These areas all need equal attention to optimize the profitability of farming. We believe that this balanced approach is not a choice but, in fact, quite necessary considering today's concerns about climate change, increased production costs, and huge volatility of feed ingredients.

At Kemin, we want to help you stay up-to-date and ready to tackle all challenges in the most balanced and efficient manner possible! 

Several macroeconomic drivers severely impact the dairy market, creating opportunities and challenges. There is a rise in demand for milk, while sustainable production is becoming increasingly important.

We can support you in several ways thanks to our:

  • in-house expertise in encapsulation technology;
  • expanded production facilities, keeping innovation at the center of our attention;
  • network of experts and academics enables us to optimally implement our solutions to today’s ruminant challenges.

Our solutions focus on three key aspects:

  • Solutions for improved efficiency 
  • Solutions for improved animal health 
  • Solutions for a sustainable future

Our Lifelong Learning Program is geared towards supporting our customers — helping you extend your knowledge as far as possible. We go above and beyond to provide support and ensure your success. Moreover, during the program, we are at your side in an exclusive partnership; we provide tailor-made Training Sessions, in-house Services, and focused Working Groups. 

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