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Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

For years, Kemin invests in cutting-edge ruminant nutrition solutions in the dairy sector — for small ruminants and beef production. It is crucial to us that our customers are both well informed and up-to-date with the most recent research for optimal implementation and income over feed cost. 

Together with the research field and our customers, we take important steps in ruminant welfare, sustainable farming, and improved profitability — and we strongly believe these steps can only be taken together. 

Our Nutrition Solutions For Ruminants

Ruminant Essentialities by Kemin is a complete ruminant portfolio, scientifically proven, consistently tested under field conditions, and supported through our Lifelong Learning Program. Ruminant Essentialities consists of two pillars — Inspiring Amino Acids and Formulating Ruminant Health.

Research has shown that Amino Acid balancing is needed for ruminants and that the combination of Lysine and Methionine is required. Focus has now shifted to the importance of maximizing microbial protein production and the use of high-quality rumen undegradable protein. Both achieve a higher quality metabolic protein reaching the small intestine. Methionine and Lysine are limiting amino acids in all types of diets therefore it is imperative to use Rumen Protected Methionine and Rumen Protected Lysine in moderate crude protein ruminant diets.

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We understand that calving is the most difficult and challenging phase in the life of the cow. Without adequate nutrition and management, cow health will deteriorate, and profit decrease.

Managing ruminant health is most often connected to treating health issues once they occur. However, we believe that focusing more on the prevention of these health issues by taking care of daily nutrition is the key to success. Formulating diets for optimal health prepares cows for smoother calving and for improved lactation after calving. 

At Kemin, we work together with you to formulate ruminant health with scientifically proven nutritional solutions. For us, sound animal health is the cornerstone of profitable dairy farming.

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Our Lifelong Learning Program is geared towards supporting our customers. We go above and beyond to provide support and ensure your success. We are at your side every step of the way in an exclusive partnership whereby we provide tailor-made Training Sessions, in-house Services, and focused Working Groups.

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