At Kemin we believe that the key to sustainability begins with strong industry partnerships.

In fact our mission is to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world — something we simply cannot do without the support of our suppliers and partnering companies.

That’s why we’ve partnered with materials science leader, Dow, and Adesco Nutricines to conduct a gate-to-gate Life Cycle Impact Assessment, investigating greenhouse gas emissions in CO2 equivalents — a study verified by Blonk Consultants — which demonstrates proven environmental benefits of our liquid preservative treated grain.


Liquid Preservative Treated Grain Has Proven Positive & Sustainable Results

The outcomes of this joint study demonstrated that the liquid preservative, the Myco CURB® ES liquid treated grain reduced up to 3 times the CO2 emissions of stored grain in comparison to aerated and dried stored grains. This shows that use of our liquid product to treat grain, helps you — our customer — become more sustainable, and contribute to sustainability in your overall grain production and storage facilities. 


Learn about the importance of our Kemin-Dow Adesco Partnership and the impact of our joint study.

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Interested in the science behind the study? Find out more about the Life Cycle Assessment study and its outcomes.

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View here our official Press Release about the joint study conducted together with Dow and Adesco.