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CLOSTAT — Kemin’s probiotic solution for improved uniformity, growth and survivability

As antibiotic resistance and regulatory pressures grow, widespread antibiotic use in livestock is becoming something of the past. As a result probiotics are now a viable alternative for farms and help animals maintain impeccable  intestinal health.

Research shows that probiotics are indispensable to keeping animals healthy and so improve  production and profit. A well-chosen probiotic strain can naturally increase intestinal health and improve production parameters.

That’s why we’ve developed CLOSTAT, our probiotic solution. CLOSTAT contains spores of Bacillus sp. PB6 (ATCC PTA-6737, patented by Kemin) and is effective in promoting a healthy microbiome and reducing the risks caused by enteric infections.


We know that the intestinal microbiome is a complex bacterial community characterized by distinctive species that thrive under the prevailing circumstances of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). This fragile ecosystem can be easily disrupted by external factors such as antibiotic treatment, dietary challenges, vaccination, heat stress, etc.

At Kemin, we want to ensure these challenges are mitigated as far as possible. Ensuring a healthy, balanced intestinal microbiome plays a vital role in animal health. It extends the metabolic potential of the animal, shapes the immune system, provides protection against pathogens, and contributes to improved feed digestion.

Read more about the effects of CLOSTAT on the microbiome here

At Kemin, we’re pleased to say that CLOSTAT consistently demonstrates that it:

  • Works against Clostridium spp.;
  • Stimulates a diverse microbiome;
  • Enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria;
  • Modifies inflammation response.

CLOSTAT is also shown to:

  • Reduce the need to treat with antibiotics and the use of antibiotic growth promoters;
  • Encourage recovery from antibiotic treatments;
  • Tackle dysbiosis, wet litter, and diarrhoea problems;
  • Manage enteritis and clostridia related symptoms;
  • Improve eggshell quality and discolouration;
  • Increase uniformity.

Watch our video below to learn more about the benefits of CLOSTAT: