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OLESSENCE™ – The Next Generation of Natural Solutions Starts Here.

OLESSENCE B Liquid, an innovative, synergistic plant-extract blend that boosts flavour while preserving freshness in dry bakery products. The next generation of Kemin’s natural solutions for the bakery industry is now available for food producers in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. In pursuit of maintaining high quality and extending the shelf life of bakery products, the combination of specific natural flavours, including olive extract, has emerged as an ideal strategy. 

The Emergence Of Natural Extracts: Challenges And Opportunities

Protecting food formulations with natural alternatives that maintain quality, freshness and flavour is a growing force in dry bakery products. As retailers require longer shelf life, food ingredient manufacturers and food manufacturers are facing challenges and opportunities for maintaining the freshness of these foods.

What started as a trend has become the expectation for the bakery industry, which has been challenged to reconsider the addition of synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives that have been in use for decades. Integrating natural food ingredients provides an opportunity to extend shelf life, maintain optimal quality of products, and meet consumer demands.

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Understanding the Culprit: Oxidation and Rancidity in Bakery Products

Before delving into the solution, it is crucial to comprehend the detrimental effects of oxidation and rancidity on bakery products. When exposed to oxygen, unsaturated fats and oils in baked goods can undergo oxidative processes, leading to the development of off-flavour, stale aromas, and a decline in product quality. This deterioration not only affects the sensory attributes but also reduces the shelf life, posing a challenge for manufacturers striving to maintain product freshness and appeal while trying to minimize food waste.

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