With the choice of the various high-quality and intestinal bioavailability product, choosing an experienced supplier is important. RP AA supplier should be able to provide constant support and act according to constantly changing market situations. Kemin Amino Acid Program supports rumen protected amino acids by data-driven research using sophisticated models that are validated in the three-step process: step one - in the lab; step two - in the animal and step three - in the dairy farm and industry.

Research shows increasing milk and meat production in ruminant business sustainably requires consistent protein sources. We know ruminants perform best with an efficient diet; amino acid balanced with methionine and lysine. Producers and nutritionists are constantly working to find cost-effective and bioavailable protein sources for use in their rations. Kemin, in Europe, supplies the best rumen protected lysine and methionine with LysiGEM™, LysiPEARL™, Smartamine® M and MetaSmart® to support these goals and keep dairy cows healthy and productive. 

Kemin Amino Acid Program provides the best rumen protected amino acids supplements coupled with excellent technical service for the right implementation. Kemin´s customers get the best optimal solution for every market situation thanks to competent support, guaranteeing the highest return on investment.



With the continuous increase in feed prices, and cost of milk production diet formulation is becoming a challenge. Kemin Amino Acid Program helps to reformulate the diets with low crude protein content, improving metabolizable protein utilization thereby maximizing dairy cow production. The benefits of balancing for lysine and methionine with this program are endless if dairy nutritionist and producers are willing to adopt the concept and apply it whenever possible. All these benefits can be summed up in six areas:

1) Enhances milk performance independent of the production level in dairy ruminants and get better average gain daily with better feed conversion rate in beef cattle

2) Improves efficiency of metabolizable protein use with an opportunity to formulate diets with lower crude protein content without compromising the yield of milk and milk components

3) Decreases metabolic disorder incidences, allowing to achieve better transition period and thanks to a better immunometabolism status animal recover faster from heat stress periods

4) Essential for energy metabolism being carnitine precursors, since both are required for fatty acids ß-oxidation and precursor for apolipoproteins synthesis and needed for VLDL production

5) Improves dairy herd fertility

6) Increase cheese production profitability, enhancing milk casein


Increase Bioavailability Using Rumen Protection

Bioavailability of nutrients refer to nutrients that are absorbed and used by the animal. Kemin Amino Acid Program provides highly bioavailable nutrient sources for dairy cows.

Kemin uses MicroPEARLS® spray freezing technology, a proprietary encapsulation technique, for producing LysiPEARL. The proprietary GEMS manufacturing process is used to produce LysiGEM. Each of these encapsulation methods is strictly monitored and controlled, delivering a very durable rumen protected product with an elevated level of bioavailability.

To effectively evaluate rumen protected amino acids available on the market, Kemin recommends examining the following product characteristics:

•        Amino acid concentration: Percent (by weight) of the product that is methionine or lysine

•        Rumen escape: Percent of the amino acid contained by the product that is undegraded in the rumen

•        Intestinal availability: Percent of undegraded amino acid in a form available for absorption in the intestine of the animal

•        Metabolizable methionine or lysine: Percent of the total methionine or lysine contained in the product available and utilized by the animal (100% x Rumen Escape % x Intestinally Availability % = Metabolizable Methionine/Lysine %)

After comparing these product characteristics, determine what really matters: a cost-effective source of metabolizable methionine and lysine.


Kemin Solutions


LysiGEM is the reference rumen-protected lysine in the market. Its superiority allows ruminant nutritionist the flexibility to formulate diets for a more cost-efficient solution while optimizing animal and farm performance. Balancing ruminant diets for the main limiting amino acids such as lysine and methionine, provide a positive return on investment. LysiGEM™ provides higher levels of MP Lysine due to its ability to deliver almost twice as much intestinally available lysine than any other rumen protected lysine source. This product also has the most robust bioavailability research package of any rumen protected lysine on the market.


LysiPEARL, a cost-effective, clinically-proven product delivers a specific amount of intestinally available lysine in dairy cattle. Using an encapsulated amino acid in feed gives ruminant nutritionists greater flexibility in ration formulations, which helps the cow reach maximum milk production and milk components, and in turn increases profitability for dairy farmers.

Smartamine M

Cattle producers must meet their cows’ amino acid requirements in order to have a positive impact on the immune system. Smartamine M, a quality source of the essential amino acid methionine for ruminants, has a unique pH sensitive coating for rumen protection and intestinal release.


Dairy cattle producers continually look for ways to feed lower protein diets, reduce costs for protein supplements, and improvement nutrition through amino acid balancing. MetaSmart, a unique and patented molecule, delivers excellent methionine bio-availability and provides the needed methionine for the rumen micro-organisms.


Kemin Support

Every Kemin Amino Acid Program solution supports and keeps ruminants healthy and productive. Every Kemin solution is supported by data-driven research using sophisticated models that are validated in a multi-step process. With over 30 years of experience and millions of dollars of invested research, Kemin backs all of its products with guarantees of safety and support.