For years you have relied on our expertise, support and complete amino acid balancing product offer.

Now it gets even better with our new in-house developed Methionine solution, KESSENT®. We proudly present it to you in our video!  


The Kemin Amino Acid Program supports rumen protected amino acids by data-driven research using sophisticated models that are validated in the Kemin three-step process: step one - in the lab; step two - in the animal and step three - in the dairy farm and industry.


Up-to-the-minute technology, innovative technology and resources guaranteeing best rumen protection rate and high bio availability


In the animal, reliable and confident bio availability data that allow us to optimize nutritional use


In the dairy industry, inspired by our field experiences driven by science. These can provide enough technical knowledge for the right implementation and looking for the functional benefits additional to the better performance 

An exclusive interview with Tanya Gressley from the PhD department of Animal and Food Sciences, Delaware University, can be downloaded and viewed below. She discusses the most important challenges in protein formulation for ruminants, the next steps in ruminant amino acid science and the right parameter to use in order to achieve the most accurate precision in ruminant diets. Learn more on her insights! 

Watch the entire interview with Tanya Gressley


Diet formulation is more and more challenging due to the continuous increase in feed prices and the cost of milk production. The Kemin Amino Acid Program helps reformulating diets with low crude protein content. We are maximizing dairy cow production by improving metabolizable protein utilization. The benefits of balancing for lysine and methionine with this program are endless.


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Increase Bioavailability Using Rumen Protection

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Bioavailability of nutrients refer to nutrients that are absorbed and used by the animal. Kemin Amino Acid Program provides highly bioavailable nutrient sources for dairy cows. Each of the encapsulation methods is strictly monitored and controlled, delivering a very durable rumen protected product with an elevated level of bioavailability.

To effectively evaluate rumen protected amino acids available on the market, Kemin recommends examining four product characteristics.

Checklist to evaluate products


Every Kemin Amino Acid Program solution supports and keeps ruminants healthy and productive. All our solutions are supported by data-driven research using sophisticated models that are validated in a multi-step process. With over 30 years of experience and extensive research, Kemin backs all of its products with guarantees of safety and support.