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Kemin’s Amino Acid Program for Ruminants

The ruminant industry is faced with several ongoing challenges – increasing feed cost, low profitability and the challenge of farming sustainably. Rumen-protected Methionine and Lysine provide your business with the keys to address these issues.

Methionine and Lysine are limiting amino acids in all types of diets therefore it is imperative to use rumen-protected Methionine and rumen-protected Lysine in moderate crude protein ruminant diets.


Why do you need to use a rumen-protected Methionine and Lysine to meet the animal's needs?

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Methionine and Lysine are both integral to rumen diets. When used together, Methionine and Lysine cause ruminant diets to:

  • Increase the volume and quality of their milk production:
  • Gain lean body mass faster;
  • Improve nitrogen efficiency;
  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Have fewer health issues;
  • Reproduce more quickly. Improve reproductive performance.

Therefore, implementing balanced amino acid feed will strengthen farm profitability and sustainability by improving feed efficiency. With the pressure of the feed cost, combined with the environmental impact of excess nitrogen excretion, it has never been a better time to implement the amino acid nutrition concept in ruminant diets thanks to the use of rumen protected Methionine and Lysine.

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Kemin’s Amino Acid Program for Ruminants

Feed cost can be as much as 70% of a farm's total production cost. Feed efficiency is determined by how efficiently nitrogen contained in animal feed is converted into animal protein. Therefore, significant cost savings can be achieved by improving feed efficiency. 

Feeding dairy cows balanced amino acid formulations leads to improved animal production. Balancing dairy rations for amino acids allows more precise feeding so that cows can achieve maximum production performance without overfeeding protein. The improvement in metabolizable protein efficiency provides us an opportunity to formulate diets with lower crude protein content without compromising the yield of milk and milk components. In addition, this approach enhances nitrogen and feed efficiency – reducing total feed cost and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How can the Kemin Amino Acid Program benefit you? 

For optimizing the diet efficiency, we should reduce the excess of nutrients, second, adjust formulation to the real requirements of my animals, third, take care of the animal health and guarantee an optimal transition, evaluate the feed ingredients used and others that I might use, and finally, challenging with the knowledge that science provides us the nutritional limits and the maximum levels of my ingredients.

To improve the profitability of the sector, we need to improve the Income Over Feed Cost, a crucial parameter in the evaluation of the sector's profitability. And no matter what the price is received for milk or the cost per kilo of dry matter ingested.

What is the major advantage of meeting the Methionine and Lysine requirements in a dairy cattle ration? Clearly the biggest one is to improve feed efficiency through greater accuracy between what I formulate and what the cow gives me, the "precision feeding" principle.

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An amino acid balanced diet of rumen-protected Lysine and Methionine has many benefits beyond optimal milk production and milk composition. These include:

  • Improved liver function;
  • Inflammation and oxidative stress reductions;
  • Improved immuno-metabolic status 
  • Better gene expression;
  • Important reproduction role.

It is an opportunity to formulate diets that maximize microbial protein production with a better rumen nitrogen balance and lower energy cost in converting excess nitrogen to urea.

Feeding your animals a balanced amino acid formulation will positively impact the health and reproduction of the animals.

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The ruminant sector faces many challenges. These include increasing raw material prices, high volatility of agri-food products, a worldwide decrease in meat and milk consumption, and the threats posed by global warming.

Fortunately, at Kemin, we offer you a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiency of your ruminant feed. By adding rumen-protected Methionine and Lysine to the diet of your ruminants, you will enhance the profitability of your business while further developing its sustainability.

In addition, adding rumen-protected amino acids to feed will reduce nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and phosphorus waste and reduce your total carbon footprint per kilogram of feed, milk or meat produced.

Further, this small addition to your feed has additional dramatic effects. Improved feed efficiency reduces the total cost while increasing milk production and quality. As a result, animals grow faster, are less susceptible to illness, and reproduce better. All these factors will drive the profitability of your farm.

Read more about the greenhouse gas targets we aim for when implementing the Kemin Amino Acid Program. You can also view our presentation on Carbon Footprint Reduction. 

Kemin provides an integrated, holistic solution to achieving optimal feed efficiency and farm productivity. Our program starts with KESSENT® and LysiGEM™.  KESSENT provides the highest metabolizable Methionine to ensure meeting the Methionine needs in the animal in the most cost-effective way.

Similarly, LysiGEM delivers the highest metabolizable lysine to cover the animal needs.

Lysine and Methionine work hand-in-hand to achieve optimal results. Added that, our technical experts will work closely with you to determine how best to implement an amino acid program for your business.

Read about our five-step process that ensures that the products we have developed perform to the highest standards

At Kemin, we believe in developing partnerships that allow us to formulate the perfect program for your business.

The application of our product can be tailored to your specific needs and we offer a wide range of services to support you.

Firstly, we share our knowledge, experience, and research insights, providing support and training to help successfully implement amino acids at the field level. We don’t just provide support, we actively assist and give the training to increase your technical knowledge and implementation know-how.

Secondly, we offer our free Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) that can help determine the ideal dose and ratio of rumen-protected amino acids for your specific needs. In addition, our exclusive panel of experts and world-class researchers provide the expertise to ensure we offer you the very best in animal feed solutions.