Improved feed efficiency and sustainability with rumen-protected amino acids

Our industry is moving towards a new way of working, focusing more on sustainability, improved quality of dairy products, efficient farming, and increased profitability. You can achieve this by balancing for amino acid balancing which requires the selection of the right rumen-protected amino acids and correct technical knowledge for a successful implementation.

There are numerous benefits when you formulate your diet looking at metabolisable protein and limiting amino acids: maximising dairy cow productivity, improving nitrogen efficiency, reducing dietary crude protein level, improving milk quality, preventing health issues, better animal reproduction etc.

Amino acid implementation will create better farm management, improved feed, and nitrogen efficiency and a more flexible and precise formulation.


Rumen-protected amino acids are key to increasing efficiency in the ruminant sector – covering Methionine and Lysine needs in a diet can have a significant impact on profitability and sustainability. 

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