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Securing The Safety Of Your Animal Feed

Feed contamination is one of the biggest challenges faced by the animal industry. A wide range of bacterial and fungal pathogens may enter the feed production chain through contaminated ingredients or later in the process, during feed transport and handling. As a result, the risk to animals and humans from contaminated feed is substantial. 

Curbing Pathogens with Kemin’s Sal CURB® & Myco CURB®

SalmonellaE Coli and Clostridium serovars are highly adaptable bacteria, that cause serious infections, which impact animal health and growth, and significantly reduce profitability.

Kemin’s Sal CURB is the perfect solution to this problem.

Sal CURB is a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactant, that rapidly kills Salmonella. The addition of Sal CURB to feed ingredients protects from Salmonella contamination and reduces horizontal Salmonella transmission through feed.

Further risks are posed by fungi species (moulds and yeasts). Moulds, in particular, produce toxic metabolites, known as mycotoxins, that contaminate feed while in storage. Kemin’s Myco CURB range provides a market-leading solution to inhibit mold contamination of stored feed. 

Integrated Solutions from Kemin

At Kemin, we believe that feed safety is more than just a feed additive. We believe feed safety requires an integrated and holistic approach. Our range of products and services draws on a wide array of resources, that allow us to tailor a solution designed around your specific circumstances.

Using big data analytics, feed imaging technologies and systems engineering, we pioneer solutions to mitigate the impact of these pathogens on your business. As a result, our products and services are complete, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective.