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Optimising Nutrient Absorption for Increased Pig Performance

Safeguarding Healthy Pig Production with Science Optimized Savings

Rising transport and energy costs, along with persistently high raw material prices, force many producers to look for innovative ways to protect business profitability.

Applying a scientifically substantiated, nutritional program to optimize savings — for improved feed efficiency — is imperative to safeguarding healthy pig production.



At Kemin, we believe that implementing a sustainable strategy is key to managing feed efficiency and ensuring essential nutrients consumed by the pig are optimally utilized. We do this in two main ways:

1)  Enhancing feed digestion in the intestinal lumen and,

2)  Optimizing nutrient absorption through the cells of the small intestine.

Promoting Optimal Nutrient Digestion

It is currently even more crucial to fully optimize nutrient retention and performance of today’s complex pig diets. Exogenous enzymes improve the digestibility of specific substrates in various feed stuffs and enhance the pig’s endogenous enzyme production – all releasing more nutrients in the gut for absorption. In this way, optimal viscosity of the digesta can be ensured with less undigested feed ingredients reaching the hindgut, resulting in healthier, better performing animals.

Exogenous surfactants or “emulsifiers” can also contribute to improving feed digestibility as they specifically enhance fat digestion.

Specifically, in weaning piglets it is important to provide sufficient support to the digestive process. Weaning is accompanied by a stressful introduction into a new environment and a change in the diet from sow’s milk to a solid feed. Secretion of endogenous enzymes, such as proteases and amylases and the physiological functions required for lipid digestion are not yet fully optimal, which means this process can have detrimental effects on the digestive performance of piglets. 

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Enhancing Nutrient Absorption

Improved digestion of the feed does not automatically translate to effective absorption of all nutrients by the gut. That’s why, at Kemin, we believe that systematically enhancing nutrient absorption is key to further optimize feed efficiency, ensuring that you get the most out of your enzyme investment too. 

LYSOFORTE® EXTEND is a unique Nutrient Absorption Enhancer, proven to enhance the digestion and absorption of essential energy ingredients and other valuable, lipophilic nutrients in monogastrics. 

  • Applied on top of the diet, it promotes animal performance and carcass quality 
  • When applied in a reformulation, it facilitates the reduction of added fat/oils and proteinaceous raw materials, resulting in significantly lower feed costs.

Research on LYSOFORTE EXTEND has shown advantages across all stages of pig production. The product reduces body weight and back-fat losses of sows during gestation and lactation and increases milk production. In growing and finishing pigs, it increases body weight and uniformity, reduces the number of days required to reach slaughter weight, and improves overall carcass quality.

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