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Shelf Life Solutions with Kemin Food Technologies

The food and beverage market gets more competitive every day. Furthermore, consumers have never been savvier about food. They have become more critical than ever regarding their food choices. As a consequence, food and beverage manufacturers experience a big challenge to fulfill their customer’s needs and to stay viable and profitable.

Consumers are not willing to compromise on any of their expectations regarding the appearance, taste and freshness of the foods they purchase. Food and beverage manufacturers must balance their consumers’ demands including better-for-you, clean labels and a high-quality sensory experience at the same time.

 At Kemin Food Technologies, we have the technical expertise, innovative mindset and market knowledge to turn consumer trends into high-quality food products. We are a leading food specialty ingredient company that use plant-based extracts, antioxidants and antimicrobials to extend the shelf-life of your products and provide colour, flavour and food safety solutions. Our mission? We keep your food safer, fresher and longer