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Our Feed Processing & Feed Safety Solutions

Our Feed Processing & Feed Safety Solutions

Efficient feed processing and ensured feed safety are critical in every production process. Our solutions provide key benefits and insights for effective feed processing, contributing to the sustainable development of feed operations and environmental protection for a happier, more prosperous and healthier world.

Our Feed Processing & Feed Safety Solutions

Once your feed composition has been determined, a wide array of teams work together to produce the product you require. Feed mill operators need to efficiently create a high-quality feed with minimal waste or equipment breakdown. Financial teams need to reliably and cost-effectively source ingredients, maintain profitability, and achieve sustainability targets. Finally, quality assurance teams must ensure that all aspects of the feed production process meet the highest quality standards. All these processes must be coordinated and aligned to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Feed contamination is one of the biggest challenges faced by the animal industry. A wide range of bacterial and fungal pathogens may enter the feed production chain through contaminated ingredients or later in the process, during feed transport and handling. As a result, the risk to animals and humans from contaminated feed is substantial.

At Kemin, we believe that feed safety is more than just a feed additive. We believe feed safety requires an integrated and holistic approach. Our range of products and services draws on a wide array of resources, that allow us to tailor a solution designed around your specific circumstances.

Using big data analytics, feed imaging technologies and systems engineering, we pioneer solutions to mitigate the impact of these pathogens on your business. As a result, our products and services are complete, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective.

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