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Kemin’s ENDOX & RENDOX Antioxidant Solutions

Kemin’s ENDOX and RENDOX products are designed to preserve animal feed and have been developed for the preservation of complete feeds and feed ingredients such as lipids and premix.

They are synthetic liquid and dry antioxidants with a synergistic combination of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), propyl gallate (PG), and ethoxyquin (the latter is unavailable for customers in the EU).


The feed industry has traditionally used single antioxidants such as BHT and BHA. However, there is substantial evidence that shows that combining certain antioxidants increases their efficacy in comparison to the use of single compounds.

That’s why at Kemin, we’ve stepped up to the challenge by ensuring our antioxidant range uses a blend of antioxidant compounds to optimize efficacy and to ensure oxidative reactions are mitigated.

Unlike straight antioxidants such as BHT that are supplied in crystallized form, Kemin antioxidants are dissolved in a solvent, blended, and then sprayed onto a fine carrier. This significantly increases uniform dispersion and efficacy.  

ENDOX and RENDOX effectively stabilize feed, protein meals, premix, and lipids used in animal nutrition.

They stabilize the matrix to protect valuable nutrients like vitamins and pigments in diets and protect amino acids and lipids from oxidation.

This helps preserve high-quality diets that can subsequently support animal health, performance, and downstream carcass quality. 

Our ENDOX and RENDOX products:

  • Are synthetic, ethoxyquin formulated antioxidants;
  • Are synergistic blends of different active molecules;
  • Have active ingredients relevant to various substrates;
  • Come in both dry (ENDOX) and liquid (RENDOX) applications. 

The key benefits of ENDOX and RENDOX products are that they:

  • Slow down the oxidation process;
  • Work effectively at low inclusion rates;
  • Are user-friendly, easy to handle, and apply;
  • Are safe to use by workers, in equipment, and for the environment;
  • Are delivered together with Kemin’s essential services such as engineering application, laboratory, and technical support.