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Holistic Feed Safety – From Farm To Fork

Salmonella species pose an ongoing threat to the safety of animal feed and humans consuming animal protein. There are more than 2500 species of Salmonella, with approximately 100 serovars causing most Salmonellosis infections in humans.

Added to this, Salmonella are highly adaptable and can survive for long periods in soil, water, and dust. It has a particular affinity for high protein materials used in feed and food ingredients. The digestive tract of most animals may also serve as a Salmonella reservoir. These factors make managing Salmonella infections an ongoing challenge.

All Salmonella serovars can cause disease in stressed animals. Salmonella grows exponentially and many serovars have developed intrinsic antibiotic resistance. In addition, high levels of bacteria, toxins or pathogens in feed can further damage the digestive tract and increase animal vulnerability to infection and disease. 

Kemin’s Salmonella management program

All these factors demand a proactive management solution, that lowers infection risk across all feed and food chain stages. At Kemin, we offer a pro-active Salmonella management program. The program uses synergistic feed additives, data analytics and application science, to provide holistic feed safety – from your farm to the customer’s fork.