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CholiGEM™ •  Innovative Choline Supplementation for Dairy Cows

A Second Generation of Rumen Bypass & Intestinally Available Source of Choline

Discover the latest in ruminant nutrition with Kemin's CholiGEM™ – our innovative and unique Choline solution crafted to tackle fatty liver and ketosis problems in cows, beef cattle, and small ruminants. 

These days, commercially available encapsulated Choline chloride contains only 25- 28% Choline chloride. That’s why we invested half a decade in Choline research and development at Kemin. 

Today, our CholiGEM™ product comprises more than double the concentration of Choline chloride —  setting it apart as the next generation in Choline supplementation for Dairy Cows.  This ensures superior rumen bypass and intestinally available Choline, making it the optimal choice for enhancing liver health during the critical transition phase.

Key Features of CholiGEM™ for Ruminant Nutrition

  • Improved Transition Phase Nutrition

CholiGEM™ is designed to address your challenges during the transition phase. By optimizing liver health, we can significantly reduce various metabolic disorders, enhancing overall health and productivity. 

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  • Enhanced Choline Concentration

In order to tackle tackle fatty liver and ketosis problems in cows, CholiGEM™ comprises an innovative, double concentration (60%) of Choline chloride in encapsulated form, more than doubling the concentration compared to its first-generation counterpart — 116% more concentrated source of encapsulated Choline chloride. This leap is made possible by Kemin's Choline Core, resulting from extensive research and development over half a decade.

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  • Triple the Bioavailability

CholiGEM™ offers superior bioavailability. Utilizing Kemin's innovative C3 model and scientific coating, our Choline core ensures 60% Choline concentration, providing more than triple the bioavailable Choline chloride compared to the first generation. This creates up to 30% more space in premix formulations.

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The Science Behind CholiGEM™

  • Choline Core

Kemin's Choline Core is fundamental to CholiGEM™. Developed to be coated with technical ingredients, this core exhibits essential characteristics such as a smooth surface, controlled hygroscopicity, desired specific gravity, homogeneity, standard particle size, stability, and resistance during physical processing.

  • Scientific Coating for Optimal Strength

Our scientific coating means the perfect balance – neither strong nor weak. It enhances the strength of the encapsulation, resulting in a precise 60% Choline chloride concentration in CholiGEM™. 

  • Physical Characteristics for Maximum Bioavailability

CholiGEM™ stands out with its ideal particle size and specific gravity. This leads to:

  • Reduced microbial degradation 

  • Increased intestinal digestibility.

Moreover, its high protection rate and intestinal availability guarantee elevated choline levels in the intestine for better absorption and, consequently, higher bioavailability.


Why Choose CholiGEM™ Choline Supplementation for Dairy Cows?

  • Ensures Superior Bioavailability — Using Kemin's innovative C3 model, Choline core, and scientific coating results in an impressive 60% Choline concentration with exceptional bioavailability.

  • Ensures Optimum Liver Function — Providing the required Choline to support optimal liver function ensures overall health and productivity.

  • Results in Liver Health and Metabolic Support — Improving fat metabolism in the liver prevents ketosis and related metabolic disorders, promoting a healthier liver.

  • Leads to Enhanced Energy Release — Increasing milk production and better energy status for enhanced conception rates and immunity.

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