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A Second Generation of Rumen Bypass & Intestinally Available Source of Choline

We are introducing the next level in rumen bypass & intestinally available Choline supplements, with more than double the concentration and triple the bioavailability for even better transition management. 

Today, commercially available encapsulated Choline chloride contains only 25- 28% Choline chloride. This lower level of Choline chloride in the encapsulation has become a limitation. We realized that there is a great need of innovation in this field. Kemin has invested more than half a decade to invent how to make concentrated source of Choline chloride granules which can suit encapsulation. Here, we proudly mention that Kemin has developed its own Choline granules (we call it Kemin’s Choline Core). This discovery has allowed us to bring more than double the concentration of Choline chloride in the next generation of encapsulated Choline solution developed by Kemin.

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Our main focus is discovering answers to the challenges of dairy agriculturists. We found that optimizing the liver’s health during the transition phase can significantly reduce various metabolic disorders. In terms of health solutions, Choline nutrition has received the highest focus due to its role in better liver function during transition phase management and early lactation. Apart from higher production levels, Choline’s role in immunity, health and reproduction creates a strong argument for increased provision of bioavailable Choline.

CholiGEM has more than double the concentrated source of Choline chloride in encapsulated form with more than triple the bioavailable Choline chloride than its first generation.

We are proud to lead the innovation in Choline nutrition.

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We invested more than half a decade to design a unique C3 model, to achieve the best results from supplementing Choline in the next generation of encapsulated choline solution “CholiGEM”. The uniqueness of this model lies in:

Kemin’s Choline Core: We developed our own core with an expectation to coat with technical ingredients. Various physical characteristics were considered during the development phase of these granules: smooth core surface, controlled hygroscopicity, desired specific gravity, homogeneity, standard particle size, stability, desired level of active load of choline chloride in the dry granules and resistance during physical processing.

Scientific Coating: We encapsulate the core with different levels of technical ingredients, improving the strength of the coating. This coating isn’t too strong or too weak, but a perfect scientific balance. Excellent results are obtained with our scientific balance of 60% Choline chloride in the encapsulation.

Choline Concentration: Our Choline core encapsulated with scientific coating resulted in to 60% Choline chloride in CholiGEM. More than double the concentration of Choline chloride in CholiGEM with superior bioavailability creates up to 30% more space in premix formulation.

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Particle size and specific gravity have been shown to be the primary determinants of particle retention time in the rumen (Poncet, 1991, Dufreneix et al., 2019). The characteristics necessary to effectively evaluate rumen protected choline are, choline concentration, rumen escape, intestinal availability and digestibility. High rumen escape is not enough to ensure that the animal receives the digestible choline needed, but it is required condition to achieve elevated levels of choline in the intestine for better absorption and thus higher bioavailaibilty.

CholiGEM has proved high protection rate and intestinal availability. Thanks to the right particle size and its specific gravity allow a rapid movement through the rumen, leading to reduced microbial degradation and increased intestinal digestibility.

CholiGEM has the ideal size and specific gravity, resulting in a combination of an elevated level of rumen escape, providing high intestinal choline content ready to be absorbed and available by the animal.

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