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Myco CURB®

Leading the way in mould inhibition

Myco CURB is globally recognized as the pioneer in mould inhibition for feed and feed ingredients. Our decades of experience in the feed industry have allowed us to craft tailored interventions for your unique operations.

Added this this, we are committed to continuous innovation. As a result, at Kemin we have developed the expertise to offer you tried and tested solutions, that will enhance the shelf-life of your feed and feed ingredients, reduce waste and improving profitability.

At Kemin, we value the partnerships we have developed over time and continue with our forward-thinking approach in the market.

Read more about our sustainable partnership

We have dedicated ourselves to our latest partnership project, which aims to create a product life-cycle assessment process, to embed long-term sustainability in all our operations and solutions. This speaks to our core goal of building sustainable businesses for a healthy planet. We are committed to bringing you the best in mould inhibition solutions and providing the greatest opportunities for sustainable growth.

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