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Optimize Your Production Process With Our Innovative Services

At Kemin, we know that additives and nutrients are crucial in feed efficiency, feed safety, and animal health. Our solutions — leading industry products and services — are created to do just that.

We strongly believe in constantly innovating within the different areas in which we operate. This helps us ensure sustainability, respond to the growing need for digital transformation, and increase the focus on innovative services — all critical to serving our customers and meeting their needs.  

At Kemin, our highly effective, science-based solutions are tailored to your needs. Through innovative laboratory services and profound analyses, scientific support is at the heart of what we do.

Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) helps in your routine self-checks of raw materials and feed products, valorizes unique market insights in tailored scientific reports and digital dashboards, and improves your quality control plan and production processes.

We evaluate the quality of your feed and raw materials, screen samples for a wide range of desirable and undesirable constituents, and much more.

Our laboratory comprises state-of-the-art equipment and advanced protocols demonstrating the efficiency of our products and programs.

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Animal nutrition and health products are most effective if they are suitably applied. This is especially relevant in the feed industry, as the effective production and storage of feed require optimal quality, safety, and productivity. Kemin’s Application Solutions help you optimize your production process using a versatile range of services and technologies.

To reach the most effective use of our liquid programs, a proper product application and distribution is critical. We offer a total solution, committed to providing customized equipment, training, and education to ensure our liquid products are optimally utilized to reach the desired effect.

Our team of highly qualified experts consults with you to design tailored product application systems. The assemblage of the systems is done by a dedicated team of local engineers. A team of service engineers located in your region takes care of installing and maintaining the systems.

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Nowadays, animal production faces even more challenges and there’s a need for more in-depth scientific knowledge due to increasing environmental complexity.

To tackle the many challenges and increasing complexity, close cooperation between industry stakeholders as well as the sharing of expertise is imperative. And we strive to do this for nutrition, health, and safety — all 3 pillars of our technical solutions at Kemin.

Our tailor-made technical support in addition to our highly efficient, science-based solutions, means we can easily guide you in finding solutions to your challenges — and in your specific location.

Our Technical Services Team, located across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (EMENA), offers dedicated and specialized support at your location — and when you need it most.

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