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Kemin's Innovative Solutions

Navigating the Feed-to-Food Chain with Innovation and Expertise

We are constantly innovating our solutions — products and services — to ensure sustainability, answer the growing need for digital transformation, and enhance the overall impact of a healthy and profitable production and business . We are broadening our innovative services to deliver data-driven insights, expertise, and personalized support, empowering our customers to achieve increased profitability and sustainability, ultimately offering peace of mind

Navigating the feed-to-food chain seamlessly, we offer services from raw materials through feed production, on-farm operations, to the slaughterhouse, ensuring quality and sustainability at every stage.

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Integrated Services for Animal Health and Nutrition

We are your reliable service partner to tackle persistent and complex challenges in animal nutrition and health throughout the continually evolving feed to food chain. Our desire for knowledge has fueled our innovation and has led to the creation of robust, sustainable, and effective services.

As the dedicated service entity of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health, we strive to integrate Engineering Solutions, Scientific Services and Technical Consultancy to cater to the unique and unmet needs of feed and animal producers. 

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We provide tailored scientific support, innovative solutions, unique market insights, and lab service to evaluate and enhance feed and raw materials quality.

Our advanced laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and protocols to ensure efficiency and precision. We aim to exceed traditional approaches to problem-solving, adopting a customer-centric perspective and embracing creative explorations.

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We empower you to optimize your production process through our distinctive engineering solutions.

Our dedicated team provides a practical approach to elevate the efficiency of your production. Through customized equipment, training, and education, we ensure the optimal application and distribution of liquid solutions, supported by dedicated engineers for system assembly, support and maintenance.

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We provide tailored technical support and science-based solutions to address the challenges of animal production in the face of increasing environmental complexity.

With a dedicated Technical Consultancy Team across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, we offer specialized expertise at your location, emphasizing optimal nutrition, health, and safety.

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