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Our Nutritional Solutions For Pigs

Our Nutritional Solutions For Pigs

At Kemin, we offer a range of solutions for raising healthy pigs for efficient production. Our main focus is on improving health and profitability resulting in improved growth, sustainability, and in turn healthier humans.

Whether you seek to improve feed milling efficiency, secure optimal feed safety and quality, to promoting sow and piglet performance by increasing colostrum quality, enhancing immunity or supporting a balanced microbiome or aim for saving feed costs, Kemin can provide you the right tools. We can design tailor made programs helping you to reduce the use of antibiotics and zinc oxide.

With our extensive product portfolio, our specialized customer service laboratory and application engineering department, and guided by the expertise of our technical managers, we provide you the necessary package to ensure a profitable, sustainable production — from start to slaughter.

Our Nutritional Solutions For Pigs

Your ideal partner for the health management of pigs is Kemin — we provide scientifically proven solutions and services addressing bacterial, viral, parasitic and toxic challenges in pig production.

Our core business — disease prevention and health promotion — means we support you in facing all challenges when it comes to pig production and partner with you to tackle mycotoxin management, zinc oxide replacement, antibiotic reduction or AGP replacement, heat stress, and more. Our mission is to offer you a profitable preventive strategy while committing to to responsible use of medicines.

Our extensive range of nutritional health solutions for pigs, coupled with our technical expertise, means we can help you face any challenge head-on and with the necessary resources. 

At Kemin, we develop science-based solutions which increase the nutritive value of pig diets, resulting in a higher and more sustainable production turnover. Our product portfolio includes tools to preserve fats and oils, premixes or final feed from oxidation, for improving feed intake, nutrient digestion and absorption, or for promoting the energy metabolism of the animal, ultimately increasing efficiency of nutrient utilization, optimizing carcass yield and quality while reducing feed costs. In every step of production, for every swine life segment.

Additives and nutrients play a crucial role in feed efficiency, feed safety, and pig health. Our solutions for pig production – products and services – are always created to ensure these aspects.

On top of this, we are also constantly innovating in different fields to ensure sustainability, respond to the growing need for digital transformation, and build innovative services. As such, we place great emphasis on expanding our products, services, and digital platforms to meet the needs of our customers and we use data-driven insights to help increase profitability and sustainability — our key focus for the upcoming years. 

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