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Rumen-Protected Amino Acids — Improved Feed Efficiency and Sustainability

The feed industry continues to focus on improving sustainability while maintaining the sector profitability and quality of the dairy products we produce. Amino acid balancing is a critical tool in achieving these goals. Having the correct ratios of amino acids in your animal's diet has a dramatic impact on the amount of feed the animal will consume and the rate at which it will gain lean body mass. Therefore, understanding how to achieve the correct amino acid balance and implement such a feeding strategy will unlock significant benefits for your business. 

Feeding animals with the optimal balance of amino acids has many benefits. Dairy cows increase the volume and quality of the milk they produce. In addition, animals gain lean body mass faster, show improved nitrogen efficiency, have fewer health issues, and have better reproductive performance.

At Kemin, we know that a balanced amino acid feed strategy is an opportunity to improve your business's total efficiency.

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How Rethinking Ruminant Diets Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The ruminant sector faces many challenges. These include increasing raw material prices, high volatility of agri-food products, a worldwide decrease in meat and milk consumption, and the threats posed by global warming.

Fortunately, Kemin offers you a unique opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiency of your ruminant feed. By formulating for amino acids and adding rumen-protected Methionine and Lysine to the diet of your ruminants, you will enhance the profitability of your business while further developing its sustainability. In addition, adding rumen-protected amino acids to feed will reduce nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and phosphorus waste and reduce your total carbon footprint per kilogram of feed, milk and meat.

Further, formulating by amino acids has additional effects. Improved feed efficiency reduces the total cost while increasing milk production and quality. Animals grow faster, are less susceptible to illness, and reproduce better — all factors that drive the profitability of your farm.

Kemin is proud to offer you the opportunity to unlock these benefits for your business. Diego Martinez del Olmo, Product Manager, recently recorded a presentation focusing on how implementing this feeding strategy can improve profitability and sustainability.

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Modeling Your Business To Assess Environmental Impact

Our Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) program builds a virtual representation of your businesses. This allows us to model the environmental impact of introducing a single product or activity – from raw materials to the final end-product.

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Rumen-Protected Amino Acids – Improving Your Profitability

Rumen-protected amino acids are vital to increasing efficiency in the ruminant sector. Providing the correct balance of Methionine and Lysine in a ruminant diet significantly impacts profitability and sustainability.

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Rumen-protected amino acids also improve feed efficiency and reduce cost, thereby significantly improving your profitability.

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