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Kemin’s Non-Antibiotic Solution for Enterobacteriaceae Management

Enteric gram-negative bacteria are normal inhabitants of the gastrointestinal tract of farm animals. Such bacteria may pose serious health concerns for animals by causing disease. In humans, they compromise food safety (i.e., by contamination from zoonotic agents such as Salmonella spp) and cause a range of healthcare-associated infections.

That’s why at Kemin, we’ve developed FormaXOL, an effective, non-antibiotic solution for Enterobacteriaceae control within the intestinal tract. FormaXOL uses encapsulation technology, together with the synergism of two main ingredients — functional flavors and organic acids — to cripple pathogenic gram-negative bacteria.


At Kemin, we believe that disease prevention and health promotion are top priorities. However, both are not always easy to achieve due to their complexity. Using the European Commission’s ‘One Health’ concept — we are working towards reducing the spread of pathogenic bacteria from animals to humans and reducing antibiotic resistance. Our goal is to produce safer meat and eggs while improving overall food safety.

Managing intestinal Enterobacteriaceae (such as Salmonella, E. Coli, etc.) during the production cycle leads to lower carcass contamination in the slaughterhouse. This facilitates meat export and reduces the risk of egg contamination. Kemin’s FormaXOL™, a non-antibiotic solution, results in attainable and sustainable pathogen-free livestock. 

Our encapsulation technology delivers FormaXOL to the desired intestinal tract targets. The functional flavors in FormaXOL cripple the gram-negative bacterial cell wall and facilitate organic acid entry into the bacteria resulting in its death.  

The use of Kemin’s FormaXOL:

  • Allows non-antibiotic treatment for Enterobacteriaceae control;
  • Works in the intestinal tract of the animal;
  • Contributes to food safety — safe meat and eggs;
  • Facilitates meat and egg export (compliance with salmonella regulations);
  • Reduces carcass contamination in the slaughterhouse;
  • Avoids E. coli associated losses during the production cycle.




In addition to managing Enterobacteriaceae, FormaXOL improves economic output on your farm. 

* Other variants FormaXOL F, Formyl, Formyl 2B are available in some markets