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Encapsulated Butyrate for Improved Intestinal Integrity and Performance

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) is crucial in feed digestion and nutrient absorption. It is also fundamentally at the intersection of numerous physiological processes critical to maintaining animal health and homeostasis. Unfortunately, various stressors can dramatically alter intestinal integrity.

At Kemin, we know that intestinal integrity matters. Using our MicroPEARLS™ technology we have developed ButiPEARL™. ButiPEARL is a microencapsulated, highly concentrated source of butyrate designed for superior ease of handling and sustained release along the GIT.


Poor intestinal health affects animal performance and lowers resilience to stress or such as  septicemia, toxemia, and heat stress.

That’s why intestinal integrity is so fundamental. It ensures both optimal nutrient absorption and provides a barrier against invaders — two very different functions making protection a particularly complex yet crucial process. Intestinal integrity also importantly plays a role in AGP replacement, young animal support, or other programs. 

Our ButiPEARL's encapsulation technology (MicroPEARLS) allows the release of a high concentration (50%) of butyrate throughout the upper and lower gut. Studies have shown that ButiPEARL slowly releases butyrate, targeting the segments of the digestive tract that need it the most. ButiPEARL promotes:

  • Enterocyte proliferation;
  • Antimicrobial compound secretion by paneth cells;
  • Villi growth;
  • Tight junction reinforcement.

ButiPEARL is specifically shown to:

  • Create a strong barrier against pathogens;
  • Avoid leaky gut and wet litter;
  • Improve nutrient absorption for best performance (FCR);
  • Improve overall gut health;
  • Reduce the incidence of diarrhea;
  • Assist the GIT development in newborn and young animals;
  • Work as a tool in antibiotic reduction programs.

ButiPEARL™ contains our unique MicroPEARLS encapsulation technology. This technology:

  • Allows targeted and sustained release of butyrate in the gut. Without proper encapsulation butyrate quickly disappears in the upper digestive tract without any effect;
  • Enables superior handling — is odor-free and has no hygroscopic characteristics;
  • Allows the use of low dosages.