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Our Immune Support Solution - Kemin's Aleta 

At Kemin, we believe in improving our animal’s immune system  — leading to significant benefits in disease resistance, overall health, and in turn, animal production and profitability.

Immune modulation plays a vital role in disease prevention and improved health; it helps animals cope better with disease, stress, and vaccination. That is why at Kemin we have found the need for innovation in this area to ensure a uniform and safe immune support solution that improves overall animal health. 


We know that the immune system is the backbone of animal health — a well-functioning immune system is crucial to ensuring an efficient vaccination response. It’s the animal’s defense system, attacking all possible pathogens entering the body to prevent disease. And it’s clear that weakened immune systems result in performance drops as well as high rates of illness and death.

Added to these challenges, farms face pressure to reduce or prevent antibiotic usage. Fortunately, when immune support is placed first the need for antibiotics decreases.

However, not every animal needs continuous immune modulation. Instead, a program that focuses on those that need it most - the YOPI (Young, Old, Pregnant, Immune suppressed) - is a must.

Aleta is a unique beta-glucan product derived from algae (Euglena gracilis). Highly concentrated as a linear beta-(1,3)-glucan in-feed solution it is used for immune support and modulation to improve the animal’s general health. Thanks to Aleta's beta-(1,3)-glucan, animals are better able to cope with stress, disease, and vaccination.

Aleta modulates the immune system, adjusting the immune response to the desired level. It helps create an immune system ready to cope with and destroy any dangerous pathogen.

Thanks to Aleta, immune cells are rapidly activated at the site of infection and so enhance the ability of animals to cope with disease. 

Want to know how Aleta can help in disease management? 

Download here trials showing that Aleta can be a tool in PRRSv management

Aleta is shown to:

  • Improve vaccination efficiency;
  • Help animals thrive in stressful conditions;
  • Reduce morbidity and mortality during pathogenic challenges (diseases);
  • Support animals in antibiotic reduction programs and antibiotic growth promoter removal programs;
  • Provide consistent ROI by maintaining performance in situations of disease and stress;
  • Help young animals mature their immune system.