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Digital Transformation — Enabling Data-Driven Decision Making

At Kemin, we know the digital revolution offers tremendous opportunities for animal nutrition professionals. That’s why we’ve spent several years translating ideas such as ‘industry 4.0’ into tangible benefits for our customers. We strive to use digital transformation to provide you with all data and insights at hand, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your processes and operations. And we do this through KEMINCONNECT, our digital application management platform, created in-house and tailormade to the needs of our customers over the years.

KeminConnect Digital House

The first pillar, ‘monitoring’ focuses on gathering and analyzing collected data from remote locations. Based on the collected data, we optimize your inventory, supply chain, and service levels, therefore decreasing operation costs and helping you improve your overall data management experience.

The second pillar, ‘assisting’ describes the data collected from different touchpoints by aggregating and analyzing it to provide you with new process insights that allow for predictive actions and analytics. This reduces overall costs, increases productivity, and allows for the easy implementation of our programs.

In the near future we will go one step further, adding the final service pilar ‘transforming’ to provide you with prescriptive insights, including artificial intelligence, and machine learning for self-optimizing processes. This will help you improve quality, safety, productivity, and profitability in all processes.

KEMINCONNECT Applications On Offer

The bulkTANK monitoring application lets you monitor your product levels in real-time from different devices in multiple tanks, across multiple sites. Data is visualized in smart dashboards to optimize on-time deliveries, reduce cost, improve efficiency — all for improved peace of mind.

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Applicator monitoring is an effective applicator dashboard giving you the ability to monitor the system and see any issues in real-time.

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The Solution Finder is a searchable system that guides you to the right Kemin documentation to help you answer any specific questions you may have. You can search for information based on keywords, challenges, topics, species, or platforms. We even have a guided search option available to help you identify your challenges, needs, or even the appropriate solutions.

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Our millSMART™ ONLINE application is an effective dashboard that allows you to see the added value of the millSMART program in real-time. Applicator sensor data is pushed via the industrial IoT gateway in an end-to-end secured protocol to the platform where it’s validated, aggregated, and stored. millSMART KPIs, based on system and process data, are visualized in smart dashboards. Real-time data at your fingertips allows you to discover new insights.

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Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) portal, an interactive digital platform has been developed to consult lab data and to mine for data insights benchmarking customer results and bulk data of the industry. The platform is in the test phase and will be launched in 2022. It will complement the already-existing services of our Customer Laboratory.

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