An Encapsulated Lysine for Ruminants

Lysine is an essential nutrient for ruminant formulation. Therefore, we must cover Lysine requirements in different stages and depending on different dietary feed ingredients. Methionine and Lysine work in concert, both amino acids are necessary in our diets to achieve the best animal productive performance and optimize the ruminant formulation benefit.  

LysiPEARL™ is an encapsulated product that includes lysine that is able to bypass the rumen to be released in the gastrointestinal tract where they are absorbed more efficiently. This encapsulation also allows product to be free flowing and resistant to physical damage in typical feed processing, while balancing dairy rations for the most limiting amino acids Methionine and Lysine, rather than crude protein.  Encapsulated Lysine provides a convenient, effective and cutting-edge approach to protein nutrition.


Combines a high rumen bypass and intestinal availability resulting in the most cost-effective source of rumen protected Lysine

Improved efficiency of metabolizing protein

Improves milk protein

Improves fat synthesis

Find a detailed overview of the benefits in the form below. 


Some Key considerations

We use a proprietary spray freezing process for encapsulating Lysine. This allows the product to be free flowing and resistant to physical damage in the typical feed processing  process, both during mixing and pelleting. This results in the fact that it is easy to handle for application in the feed production and the feed mixing process. Therefore, Nutritionists receive greater flexibility in choosing ingredients to balance rations if they formulate diets with Lysine. When rations are balanced for Lysine, the nitrogen efficiency is even improved.