Managing production costs while maintaining an efficient animal production can be challenging. Better nutrient digestion and absorption improves animal growth and contributes in this way to a more profitable production of animal protein products. In addition, the increasing global pressure on animal protein standards emphasises the importance of the quality and composition of meat and eggs entering the market. 

Manage feed costs and improve your profitability

LYSOFORTE® increases the quality and yield of the carcass in fattening poultry by reducing the accumulation of abdominal fat and reducing the prevalence of oily carcass.

LYSOFORTE also increases egg production due to better absorption of fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin E.

With LYSOFORTE the absorption of important fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, is also improved. This leads to bigger egg sizes and better commercial classification of the eggs.

Due to better absorption and distribution of pigments LYSOFORTE also improves yolk pigmentation. Considering today’s high prices for dietary pigments, LYSOFORTE can thus also serve as a valuable tool to manage feed costs for egg production.  

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