Mycotoxin management is crucial for good animal health and production

Mycotoxins give rise to many different pathological effects in animals and humans such as toxicity in the liver and kidney, defects of central nervous system and estrogenic responses. These pathologies lead to lower animal performance and productivity. While poor animal performance is of economic importance, the effect of many mycotoxins on the immune system of the animals is of increased concern.

Mycotoxins can impact vaccination efficiency, the susceptibility of animals to viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases and mycotoxins have a negative impact on the intestinal morphology and function compromising gut health. 


Safe raw materials and feeds

Mycotoxin risk assessment allowing corrective actions

Low incidence of mycotoxicosis

Safeguards animal performance and health


Our Mycotoxin Management Toolbox

Multi-mycoxotin binder protecting the animal 

TOXFIN® is a unique family of mycotoxin binders consisting of unique activated adsorbents that bind the relevant mycotoxins along the gastrointestinal tract, reducing mycotoxin bio-availability and promoting their excretion from the animal's body.

Routine mycoxotin screening of feed samples

To partner with customers and to help maintain the feed quality and safety, Kemin created Customer Laboratory Services (CLS). CLS is translating cusomter needs into innovative tools: routine mycotoxin screening is one amongst them. Thousands of feed and raw material samples are screened resulting in a huge database showing regional and seasonal mycotoxin contaminations. All data are gathered in bi annual and regional surveys. Additionally, after a thorough screening of your feed and raw material samples, a tailor-made mycotoxin prevention program is offered. 

Mould inhibitor guaranteeing feed safety 

Myco CURB® is a very effective mould inhibitor, preserving feed and raw materials from mould contamination, consequently preventing mycotoxin production.