Slow Release Butyric Acid Promotes Intestinal Integrity


Antibiotic reduction is a key focus at Kemin. Within our antibiotic reduction program, ButiPEARL™ plays a major role. In addition to our trial data, in this video we present the slow release action of ButiPEARL, an encapsulated calcium butyrate that acts as a cost-effective gut health improver.

The main effects of butyric acid in the gut are:

  • Promoting the health of the intestinal lining and in particular the tight junctions
  • Increasing the villi length and thereby increasing the surface for nutrient absorption

This leads to:

  • Healthier animals 
  • Better feed conversion 
  • Increased profitability

For an optimal effect, butyrates need to be absorbed along the intestinal tract. Therefore, Kemin has designed a proven slow release pearl using calcium butyrate.

To demonstrate the slow release, we use simulated intestinal fluid in a lab experiment that mimics the conditions in the animal. In this lab experiment we show the instant release of the free butyrate, the slightly delayed release of a coated butyrate product and the true slow release of ButiPEARL. It is the gradual release of butyrate from ButiPEARL that matches the transit time of feed in the animal.

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