Knock Out Gut Health Issues and Rock Out with FORMYL Na

FORMYL Na is a dry feed product that can be added to poultry diets. Formic acid is widely recognized as an effective feed acidifier and antimicrobial agent and was one of the first acidifiers used to combat pathogens in poultry. Formic acid can decrease Salmonella, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli prevalence in the animal, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability. FORMYL Na adds another tool to your production program and can reduce the need for chemical treatments at the processing plant.


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Advantages of FORMYL Na

  • Proprietary blend of organic acids featuring a unique source of pathogen-fighting formic acid for use in poultry diets.
  • As a dry product, FORMYL Na is easier to handle and is stable in feed to deliver in-animal gut acidification and pathogen inhibition.
  • Patented encapsulation technology enables release in the digestive tract for maximum efficacy and minimum gastric irritation. If left unprotected, formic acid could damage skin, corrode equipment and negatively affect digestion.
  • Formic acid has been shown to decrease Salmonella and Campylobacter load in poultry, which provides a new tool for your poultry production program and reduces the need for chemical treatments at the plant.

Mode of Action for Poultry

  • Formic acid fights pathogens by damaging their cell membranes and mitochondria, ultimately leading to the death of the pathogen.
  • Acidification of the gut creates an environment that’s hostile to bacterial growth and prevents bacteria from crossing the intestinal barrier.
  • FORMYL Na ingredients are encapsulated, allowing for release in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for maximum efficacy against pathogens.

FORMYL Na Brochure


FORMYL Na Spec Sheet


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