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Do You Know What's Happening in Your Fat Tank?

Did you know that the oxidation of fats and oils is irreversible? This naturally-occurring process occurs when fatty acids are attacked by free radicals and oxygen is absorbed. It's the conversion of the fatty acids into harmful byproducts, including peroxides and aldehydes. 

Oxidation dramatically affects the quality of fats and oils, which have been shown to have direct impact on animal health and performance, ultimately negatively affecting your business's financial bottom line.

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Poor Fat Quality in Swine

The Fat Tank

Purchasing quality fat is the first step in limiting the potential impacts of oxidation. However, high quality fat can easily be negatively impacted due to handling and storage conditions. The time of storage, application of heat, and the mixing of different lipid sources all have direct implications to the production of peroxidation compounds. Management practices implemented often focus on the amount of time fat is exposed and susceptible to oxidation. Unfortunately, this practice does not take into account the layer of fat residue, which coats the inside of the tank, or the sludge buildup at the bottom of the tank. These residues contain high amounts of free radicals which, once mixed with new fat, disperse and immediately promote oxidation of the new fat. Treating fat with a Kemin antioxidant system will prolong the fat quality, ensuring you receive the maximum value from your fat. 

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