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USA Lysine® Videos

Kemin would like to offer additional video resources to help explain why a rumen protected lysine like USA Lysine® is a great addition to dairy cow diets.

Why Blood Meal Doesn't Cut It

It's common for producers to use blood meal as a lysine source in dairy cow nutrition. However, when blood meal is dried too aggressively it will prompt a Maillard reaction, which is an ongoing process that happens when amino acids bond with sugars during heating. The result is the amino acid can no longer be absorbed by the animal and is simply excreted into the environment. See how these reactions make lysine unavailable to the dairy cow by watching the video below. 


Understanding Blood Meal Variability 

As shown in the video above, a Maillard reaction can negatively impact the amount of MP Lysine available to dairy cows. The question is: how variable is it? Oftentimes, computer software can't estimate the variability factors accurately enough for producers to know for sure if they are meeting MP Lysine requirements. That's why USA Lysine is a more cost-effective alternative for dairy cow balanced nutrition. 


How to Improve Dairy Cow Feed Efficiency

Reducing your reliance on blood meal as the primary source of MP Lysine creates a variety of opportunities in terms of space in a dairy cow's diet. Watch the video below to learn more. 


How to Increase Lysine Supply for Dairy Cows

Using a rumen protected lysine product not only helps reduce the variability, it can create additional opportunities to supply more nutrients within the ration. It takes 23 grams of USA Lysine to supply the same amount of MP Lysine as 0.5 lbs of high-quality blood meal. That leaves a lot of room for improvements. USA Lysine is a rumen protected lysine source to provide dairy cows with a consistent, concentrated and cost-effective supply of MP Lysine. 

USA Lysine

  • Consistent - Eliminates lysine variability
  • Concentrated - Creates space within the diet to improve other priorities (e.g., energy and fiber)
  • Cost-Effective - Provides a cost-effective source of MP Lysine

Evaluating Rumen Protected Lysine Products

Using a rumen protected lysine product in dairy cow diets to increase production, improve efficiency or reduce crude protein levels requires confidence in the bioavailability value of the product. Multiple methods have been developed to evaluate bioavailability including in vitroin situ or in vivo methods, which vary in complexity, expense and labor. 

During in vitro studies, various bag types are used; therefore, the pore size of the bags and particle size of the materials tested must be assessed. If the pore size of the bag is larger than the particle size of the material being assessed, the material could escape from the bag, leading to biased conclusions. Watch the video below to learn more. 


Kemin Encapsulation Technology

For more than 30 years, Kemin has invested in technology that’s revolutionized encapsulation, improving the way animal nutrition products are manufactured. Technology is only as effective as the people who build it. The Kemin team includes pioneers in encapsulation and highly trained experts who create the best products, which bring the best value for our customers. The combination of commercial feeding experience, in vitro and in vivo studies, on-farm data and quality control testing is unmatched. The result is a consistent, concentrated and cost-effective source of MP Lysine. Take a closer look at our proprietary GEM and MicroPEARLS™ technologies by watching the following video.


Kemin's Commitment to Quality

Kemin has a commitment to the highest standards of testing. By continuously investing and maintaining top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities, Kemin ensures the quality of all ingredients used in their products. In 2013, Kemin chose to further formalize the company's commitment to quality by pursuing Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked certifications. These are quality certifications identified by GFSI as meeting food safety standards worldwide. 

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