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CholiPEARL® — A Cost-Effective Source of Rumen Protected Choline for Dairy Cattle

Improve Liver Function – Manage Energy Imbalance – Avoid Metabolic Issues in Transition Cows – Save Money

CholiPEARL® is a cost-effective source of rumen protected choline manufactured using the MicroPEARLS® spray freezing process. This manufacturing method results in a product that combines rumen protection with high intestinal digestibility, resulting in one of the most cost-effective sources of intestinally available choline on the market.

When Should Rumen Protected Choline be Fed?

During the transition period, dairy cows are under stress due to negative energy balance. Thus, body fats are mobilized to supply required energy to the body. Once body fats are transformed into VLDL in the liver, different body tissues can readily absorb the energy. The recommended period for rumen protected choline application is during the transition period. 

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In Vitro Analysis of Two Commonly Available Rumen Protected Choline Products


CholiPEARL® Reduces Inclusion Rates, Lowers Feed Costs and Maintains Efficacy


CholiPEARL®: Rumen Protected Choline for Dairy


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