Myco CURB®

Kemin is recognized in the feed industry for pioneering the use of blended organic acids for controlling mold and yeast growth. Over the years, Kemin tested, evaluated, and tweaked various combinations before arriving at the formulation for Myco CURB®. Since launching Myco CURB in the 1980’s, this non-corrosive mold inhibitor changed how feed and feed ingredients are handled. By controlling spoilage organisms, Myco CURB gave producers of meat, milk, and eggs a powerful management tool to increase production by wasting less feed and maintaining quality in their operations.

A Blend of Acids

Myco CURB mold inhibitor is a blend of organic acids formulated to inhibit mold growth in processed feed ingredients, complete feed, and total mixed rations. Myco CURB contains propionic acid blended with sorbic and benzoic acids and is buffered for improved equipment and employee safety.

Acid mold chart








Figure 1. Effect of various organic acids on mold growth

When choosing a mold inhibitor, it is important to consider that each individual organic acid will have a different effect controlling molds. The data in Figure 1 indicates a mold inhibitor combination, involving a variety of organic acids, is best suited for use within a feed mill.

Maintaining Nutritive Value and Quality of Feed

The microbiological status of grains and ingredients often determines the nutrient content of the feed after manufacture. More importantly, the nutrient content of feed is delivered to the animal. Concern about microbiological status begins with a consideration as to which microorganisms can degrade feed. Common molds such as- Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Fusarium, infiltrate bins and feeders and rob grain of energy, vitamins, and amino acids. Before a problem is realized, molds left unchecked can produce Mycotoxins, namely aflatoxin, T-2 toxin, and zearalenone among others. Mold growth is a prominent problem feed manufacturers face because the permissible moisture percent for mold growth is between 10% and 15% for finished feeds. Feed is the single largest cost input in production. Moldy grain costs money, time, and productivity. Why pay the price when mold problems can be profitably addressed with Myco CURB?

Liquid and Dry Formulations

Myco CURB Liquid is the feed industry’s leading mold inhibitor. Kemin scientists developed this proprietary blend of organic acids and antioxidant to control mold growth in feed and feed ingredients. Over the years, producers and feed manufacturers have relied on the efficacy of Myco CURB Liquid to control mold growth in stored grain, increase the shelf-life of bagged feed and protect animal and poultry production by controlling performance-robbing microorganisms. Applied using Kemin engineered application systems, Myco CURB Liquid coats the feed and feed ingredients to deliver reliable protection from a range of mold species.

Myco CURB Dry was developed for feed manufacturers and livestock and poultry producers who do not have the capacity of using liquid products. The technology used by Kemin to manufacture Myco CURB Dry results in a free-flowing, granular product with excellent mold control efficacy. Myco CURB Dry is applied in base mixes and premixes, through micro bins or as a hand-added ingredient. The granulation process reduces dust, thus reducing worker exposure to fine particles.

Efficacy treatment chart

Figure 2. Efficacy of Treatment on CO2 Production in a Finisher Feed.

In Figure 2, a study comparing Myco CURB Dry mold inhibitor and calcium propionate in a finisher feed showed the ability to control microbial spoilage did not change with an increased application rate of calcium propionate. Whereas, increasing the application rate of Myco CURB Dry from 2lbs/ton to 5lbs/ton further improved its efficacy and significantly reduced mold growth in the finisher feed during the nine days of monitoring.

Buffered Acids

Not only is Myco CURB effective at controlling mold growth, the buffered acids also help protect equipment and employees. Mold inhibitors benefit the feed industry by increasing the relative microbial stability of feed and feed ingredients. In general, the effective ingredients of these compounds are based on short chain organic acids that are normally considered quite corrosive.

An experiment was conducted to test the relative corrosiveness of three mold inhibitors on galvanized, low carbon steel. This material was selected because it is one of the most common construction materials in the feed industry.

Figure 3. Results of 10 days of Partial Immersion of Galvanized Test Strips in Liquid Mold Inhibitors.

Galvanized Test Strips

  1. Original galvanized strip
  2. 100% water
  3. 80% Propionic Acid and 20% Water
  4. 80% Myco CURB Liquid and 20% Water
  5. 80% Mold Inhibitor A and 20% Water

As shown above, this experiment demonstrates Myco CURB is the least corrosive among the three liquid mold inhibitors tested.

Industry Standards

Kemin pioneered the use of blended organic acids in the feed industry. For the past three decades, Kemin product development optimized the formulation of Myco CURB and the resulting formulation is still the industry standard for mold and yeast control. Research over this same period of time has demonstrated that Myco CURB works to safely control microorganisms while enhancing the bottom line of feed manufacturers.

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Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

Since earning the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognition at its Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturing facility in February 2013, Kemin Industries remains a leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients. The recognition reinforced the company’s investment in human and financial capital to enhance existing conditions and processes, verifying its products are safe, efficient and effective until they reach the end consumer. Kemin has the FSSC 22000:2013 certification, recognized by GFSI, which is accepted by food manufacturers worldwide.

Solutions Driven, Customer Committed

Through TOTAL NUTRITION™, Kemin offers a range of nutritional solutions for raising healthy animals. Kemin understands our customers want to raise healthy livestock and poultry giving consumers the nutritional and health benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit. Kemin offers products and services to help achieve safe, healthy and efficient solutions for today’s competitive marketplace.


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