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YePlus™ HD

Rumen microflora plays a crucial role in feed utilization and results in better productivity.

It is crucial to maintain optimal ruminal pH and anaerobic conditions as required by Cellulolytic and Hemicellulolytic bacteria for the degradation of the fibrous material in the diet. And it is possible to manage microbial flora by using rumen-specific live yeast to improve feed efficiency and animal performance.

YePlus™ HD improves DMI by removing three blocks i.e., environmental factors, metabolic factors, and physical fill affecting the DMI. Rumen-specific live yeast triggers the growth of cellulose-digesting and lactic acid-utilizing bacteria along while chromium reduces the impact of environmental stress and improves nutrient utilization.

YePlus HD Figure 1

Role of live yeast in Rumen

YePlus HD Figure 2

Live rumen specific yeast from YePlus™ HD increases cellulolytic bacteria viability. It scavenges oxygen to create anaerobic environment and improves pH stability of rumen.

YePlus™ HD improves nutrient utilization, minimizing the negative impact of stress

YePlus™ HD minimizes negative impact of stress by its insulin like activity. It improves overall nutrient utilization for animal.

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Increases overall profitability

 YePlus™ HD removes the blocks by improving DMI, along with reducing the impact of environmental stress thus increasing overall profitability.

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