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As a concept it incorporates all the elements of operational, structural, and conceptual planning, execution to protect the farm animals from exposure to pathogens in their rearing microenvironment. This journey right from the beginning to the end needs a holistic approach to prevent any unwanted pathogenic encounter. Watertight biosecurity has now become an absolute necessity to enable the genetically superior livestock to perform as per the expectations and configures the anatomy of an economically sound production system.

At Kemin we understand the specific biosecurity needs and strive to provide sustainable returns on every investment made by combining the superiority of our solutions and services. These disinfectant solutions tested comprehensively to cater the requirements of operational biosecurity at every step, ascertain the health and welfare of your livestock.

A range of broad spectrum & highly efficacious disinfectant solutions in form of Keciddal™ T Plus, Kem V 260®, and Trysil™ partner in multiple aspects to fulfill the operational needs of bio-exclusion and bio-confinement. The multitude of challenges required to be overcome in order to forge a stringent biosecurity program can be resolved by picking the right solution for the right situation.


Poultry Farm Biosecurity Checkpoints

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