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A global challenge for poultry producers is to balance feed cost and animal productivity. Fat, being a concentrated and expensive source of energy, plays a significant role in addressing the challenge. By maximizing the nutritional efficiency and minimizing the variability of dietary fats, animal producers can achieve both efficiency and profitability. 


LYSOFORTE® EXTEND: State-of-the art nutritional emulsifier for poultry  

A state-of-the-art nutrient utilization enhancer designed for efficient utilization of fatty acids and nutrients across all diets. Animal producers can leverage this lysophospholipids-based nutritional emulsifier to improve fat digestion, thereby aid in reducing feed and animal production costs. 

By optimizing the three steps in lipid digestion, emulsification, hydrolysis with micelle formation, and nutrient absorption, LYSOFORTE® EXTEND provides producers more consistent fat utilization response and improves animal performance.

Superior Molecular Combination to Enhance Lipid and Nutrient Absorption in Poultry

LYSOFORTE® EXTEND improves upon the well-known science of lysophospholipids to improve fat digestion. The patented molecular combination of monoglycerides and synthetic emulsifier significantly extends the benefits of lysophospholipids for complete fat and nutrient utilization.

When animals ingest feed containing Lysoforte® Extend, the biosurfactant molecules, along with bile salts, emulsify fats, producing smaller fat droplets in the intestine. These smaller droplets together provide larger surface area for lipases to come in contact with the molecules. Subsequently, Lysoforte® Extend accelerates the process of fat hydrolysis and formation of stable micelles, thereby allowing the fatty acid to be better absorbed by the intestinal cells. 


Extensive research has shown that LYSOFORTE® EXTEND:

  • Creates smaller emulsion particles and a more stable emulsion phase
  • Speeds hydrolysis and micelle formation
  • Enhances lipid and nutrient absorption
  • Supports the effects of bile salts during fat emulsification in the gut
  • Improves nutrient transport through the intestinal lumen


LYSOFORTE® EXTEND bio-surfactant reduces feed cost and offers Productivity and Profitability 

Feed is always a major investment, and therefore poultry producers will always look for products to optimize nutrient uptake in poultry in order to reduce feed cost. Lysoforte® Extend, a revolutionary additive to improve feed digestion, stands as a perfect solution, as it provides benefits across all the type of fats and dietary energy density.

Animal trials have demonstrated the benefits of Lysoforte® Extend that provides remarkable results in birds by giving them a booster start and finish heavier.


Key benefits of LYSOFORTE® EXTEND:

Higher animal productivity by improving fat digestion  

  • High performance over the whole lifecycle
  • Increases average daily body weight gain
  • Reduces feed conversion ratio (FCR)

Improves meat quality

  • Increases carcass yield
  • Reduces abdominal fat pads

Improves profitability

  • Helps manage feed cost-allows reformulating diets at a lower cost without compromising animal’s performance
  • Reduces feed costs per body weight gain


A History of Feed Efficiency Innovation:

LYSOFORTE® EXTEND is an upgrade of LYSOFORTE® a pioneer in nutritional emulsification, for accelerated fat digestion and nutrient utilization.

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