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Farm Solutions for Higher Efficiency in Animal Protein Production

Farm Solutions

Higher efficiency in animal protein production is attributed to three major factors such as modern genetics, nutritional development and adopting best practices in farm management. The chicken or animal producer or the farmer requires robust control on the farming practices along with the contribution from the geneticist and nutritionist. Starting from the down time, shed preparation, sanitation, disinfection, nutritional supplements through to support the growth, health and immune enhancing solutions etc are important tools to the farmer to improve the animal performance. 

Achieving optimum performance from modern-day poultry birds requires a holistic approach in nutrition and health management of which Kemin farm health solutions are an integral part. Farm Health solutions cover the essentialities of on-farm bird requirements ranging from optimizing water quality to taking care of biosecurity needs.

The solutions fill the need gap not just through products but also support our customers through on-field services with aim of precise and customized delivery having an upward approach of adopting mechanization and automation in our deliverables.

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