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Pathogen Control

Safety remain on the top of mind of feed industry, particularly when demand of food is increasing continuously and pressure on feed production is high globally. Feed manufactures begin value chain, so it is very critical to understand what could happen at end users. It is more important than ever to truly understand feed safety aspect at consumer end.  There are a growing number of scientific studies which strongly suggest infected feed and feed ingredients are risk factors for the spread of animal diseases at both the domestic and global levels.

Animals can become infected with Salmonella & E.coli from contaminated feed and the environment. Over the years, Kemin has thoroughly tested, evaluated and perfected various combinations to arrive at cutting-edge products in the Sal CURB® range.

Pathogen Control Program Examples

It's important to control microbial contaminants to maintain a safe food chain supply. Pathogen control program examples may include:

· Plant sanitation practices for the site and equipment

· Effective testing programs

· Pest elimination

· Dust and air controls

· Moisture minimization

Process controls for the manufacturing equipment 

Pathogen Control Solutions

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