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Need of Methionine in Dairy

Protein is the chain of different amino acids. Methionine is the first limiting amino acid for dairy animals in India. The animal takes feed protein as the amino acid source and the absorbed amino acids are being utilized by the liver to synthesize the body and milk protein. Milk price is being determined based on milk fat and SNF (Solid Not Fat) in which SNF includes lactose, protein, minerals and vitamins. Dairy Industry has a very much focus on milk protein content availability as it is needed for the preparation of various milk products like cheese, ice-cream etc.

Milk protein is one of the main component of SNF, which can be optimized by supplementing limiting amino acids i.e. methionine to dairy animals.  As an essential amino acid, methionine is not synthesized de-novo in dairy animals, who must ingest methionine or methionine-containing proteins. Methionine is the Sulphur containing proteinogenic amino acid. Methionine in form of formyl methionine is always the first amino acid to start the process of protein synthesis inside the cell.

Need of Methionine in Ruminant Feed:

In the Indian cattle feed industry, protein sources are mainly derived from plant sources such as soybean cake, cotton seed cake, and mustard cake. Unfortunately, these plant sources are deficient in methionine content in comparison to the requirement of the dairy animal. Feed protein is being divided into two categories RDP (Rumen Degradable Protein) and RUP (Rumen Undegradable Protein). RDP is being utilized by the ruminal microflora for microbial protein synthesis which is an ideal protein for the animal considering the methionine content. Balancing of the rumen undegradable part of the feed protein (i.e. RUP) with respect to the methionine gives profitable results in terms of milk protein and milk SNF content in milk for the dairy farmer.

The commonly used feed ingredients in India are from plant source and these are less in methionine content. The commonly used feed stuffs and their methionine content are as below:


Unprotected methionine gets degraded by the ruminal microflora. So the ruminants require protected form of methionine.


MetiPEARL™ is a product with Spray Freezing Technology to deliver rumen protected methionine with maximum intestinal availability. MetiPEARL contains 55% DL methionine which is embedded in the fat matrix. Spray Freezing Technology ensures the maximum rumen protection of DL methionine.



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