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CLOSTAT™ 365 – Annual Enteritis Prevention Program 

Purpose of CLOSTAT™ 365 

Over the years managing prevention and control of necrotic enteritis becoming more challenging due to intensified predisposing factors. The observations from commercial rearing conditions indicates that seasonal challenges, enhanced bird potential, feeding practices, diet densities, feed raw materials add more ambiguity on managing gut health and immunity, creating a huge economic impact on producer.

As a pioneer and leader in the management of necrotic enteritis and gut health solutions, CLOSTAT takes further responsibility to provide a 365 days confidence and peace of mind on necrotic enteritis and gut health management, irrespective of the reasons and seasons.

With the promise of delivering benefit beyond enteritis control for 365 days to our customers. Our patented Bacillus subtilis PB6 has been trusted by 125+ scientists around the globe, in more than 40 research articles, and benefited 6+ species including poultry. This book is a collection of abstracts, summarised benefits in brief for the poultry producer.


The Science Behind CLOSTAT™ 365

As a pioneer and leader in the gut health solutions, CLOSTAT™ 365 takes further responsibility to provide a 365 days confidence and peace of mind on necrotic enteritis and gut health management solution, irrespective of the challenges through; 

  • Dual anti-clostridial activity
  • Compatibility with anti-microbials
  • Stability at pelleting temperature
  • Quorum Quenching effect
  • Higher colonization & faster rate of multiplication

Benefits of CLOSTAT™ 365

1. 365 Days freedom on the prevention of  Necrotic Enteritis - Several reasons change the microbiota. CLOSTAT™ 365 not only has specific dual mode of cidal actions on opportunistic pathogen Clostridium perfringens which tend to grow in these situations, but also it helps growth of commensals preventing dysbacteriosis.

2. Superior gut morphology and functionality – CLOSTAT™ 365 secretes secondary metabolites which has positive action on Intestinal integrity, keeping it intact for higher absorption of nutrients.

3. Enhanced gut immune functions – improved phagocytosis index and growth of phagocytotic cells keeps the immunity balanced and active, taking care of excessive inflammation.

Bacillus subtilis PB6 Book of Abstracts


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