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KEMZYME™ Protease

About KEMZYME Protease

Protein is one of the expensive components in feed formulation and it is observed that 20% of the feed protein remains undigested. Hence, increasing the digestibility of protein becomes an important strategy for improving protein utilization, feed cost-savings, and reducing nitrogen excretion.

KEMZYME Protease is a patented multi-protease solution containing acid, neutral and alkaline proteases. The product has an innovative thermostable and enteric coating for protection during feed milling and targeted release in the gastrointestinal tract. KEMZYME Protease improves the digestibility of vegetables as well as animal origin protein sources.


KEMZYME Protease is active through the gastrointestinal tract, the innovative enteric coating releases acid, neutral, and alkaline protease according to the pH of the gastrointestinal tract. Thermostability coat protects the enzyme from the heat produced during the feed milling process. 



  • Improvement in digestibility of amino acids
  • Feed reformulation up to 5% digestible amino acid or 1% crude proteins
  • Flexibility to use alternate protein sources in the diet
  • Improvement in meat quality
  • Reduction in nitrogen excretion

Inclusion level

  • On Top Application-150 gm/MT
  • Reformulation- 300 gm/MT
KEMZYME Protease Brochure

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