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Phytic acid is an indigestible organic form of phosphorous found in grains and oilseeds. Phytase enzyme is required for the hydrolysis of phytic acid into usable phosphorous. Poultry does not produce phytase thus inorganic sources of phosphorous are used to increase the nutritive value of grains and oilseeds. Deficiency of phosphorous impact the growth and performance of poultry

To bridge the deficiency of phosphorus and to reduce the dependability of inorganic phosphorous sources. Phytase enzyme is used in poultry feed. KEMZYME PGT is a granulated bacterial phytase for breaking down indigestible phytic acid (phytate) present in feed raw materials thus increasing the availability of phosphorous in the diet 

How KEMZYME PGT works 

The efficiency of phytase as feed additive gets affected due to heat associated with pelleting. KEMZYME PGT is a thermostable product with 90% recovery in pellet feed.




A multi-layer coat gives thermostability and a uniform size to KEMZYME PGT. The product also has an optimum pH range to release phosphorous in the gizzard to facilitate better absorption in the later part of small intestine.  Thermostability and activity at the right pH make KEMZYME PGT an ideal choice for pellet feed manufacturers.

Benefits of KEMZYME PGT

  • Increase in availability of phosphorous and calcium
  • Reduce dependability of inorganic phosphorous sources
  • Superior bird performance 

Inclusion level

  • For best results product should be used at 100 g/ MT of feed
Kemzyme PGT Brochure

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