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NutriKEM™ XLP Plus

About Nutrikem™ XLP Plus

Layer diet is a combination of conventional raw materials like maize, bajra & soybean meal. Several alternate raw materials like DDGS, MDOC, groundnut cake, broken rice & rice polish are used depending on the availability of materials in the region

A comprehensive enzyme solution is needed to improve protein, carbohydrate, and fat digestion efficacy in layer diet. NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus is a comprehensive solution for protein digestion, NSP utilization, and fat digestion. 

How NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus works

Protein Digestion: NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus contains patented acid, alkaline and neutral protease which gets activated according to the pH condition of the intestine

NSP utilization:  NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus has multiple NSP enzymes like Xylanase, Beta-glucanase, Mannanase, Cellulase & Alpha amylase. Studies show multiple NSP enzyme combination releases better sugar release by energy management.

 Fat Digestion: NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus contains Lysophospholipids for boosting fat metabolism. Fat also acts as a carrier for vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E & vitamin K so improving fat efficiency also influences vitamin absorption.  


Benefits of NUTRIKEM™ XLP Plus

  • Replacement up to 100-125 Kcal of Metabolizable energy and 1 % crude proteins
  • Improvement in Egg Production
  • Improvement in the number of Eggs per/MT of feed

Inclusion level

  • On top Application 250 gm/MT of Feed
  • Reformulation 500 gm/MT of Feed  


Nutrikem XLP Plus Brochure

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