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Enhanced efficacy with added power of bromine

Sanitizing water with chlorine as the principal generator of biocides is now a household practice in the poultry industry. Glantab™ takes the thought process ahead of conventional thinking by incorporating a bromine source resulting in improved sanitation efficacy, particularly in presence of organic matter which inadvertently makes its way into the poultry drinking water systems.

Product Description:

An effervescent water sanitizer tablet that optimizes water quality by reducing microbial contamination and ensuring safe drinking water for birds in farm conditions.


  • Enhanced efficacy- Bromine (from BCDMH) boosts the efficacy of Chlorine originating from Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) producing a residual effect against a wide range of pathogens
  • Dual-acting Biocides
  • High anti-microbial action- a combination of chlorine and bromine is highly efficacious against Coliforms in contaminated water
  • Effective in presence of ammonia which is a common contaminant in farm water


  • 1 tablet for 500 liters of water

Packaging: 15 tablets in a tube, 100 tablets in a bottle


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