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AcidLAC™ azure

Most economical and efficient water acidifier

AcidLAC™ azure is the right choice as a water acidifier to maintain water pH for sustained intervals in the required range without compromising on economic efficiency. It comes with the advantage of optimum acid blending tested across various geographies for proven water acidification.

Product Description:

A unique blend of potentiated organic acids which have a direct action on microbes, enhances the water sanitation process and ensures optimum water quality.


  • Sustains reduced pH in hard water
  • Enhances the efficacy of sanitizer
  • Most economical water acidifier
  • Reduces the bacterial load in water to an acceptable limit
  • Extended action on the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and performance parameters


It is recommended at 1.0 ml onwards per 10 L of water depending on the initial water quality*

(*Contact your Kemin service team to determine your water quality & for ideal dosage and application.)

Packaging: 5 Kg and 60 Kg


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