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Kem V 260®

Highly effective phenolic disinfectant

Presence of organic matter has been a major factor that challenges disinfectant efficacy and compromises operational biosecurity. Formidable formulation of Kem V 260® consisting of phenols and antifungal agent makes it the most preferred choice to eliminate the multitude of pathogens as well as coccidia.

Product Description:

It is a potent formula for superior terminal disinfection and enhanced activity against coccidial oocyst as well as fungal spores.

Active ingredients:

  • Cresylic Acid Saponified- 30% w/v
  • Ortho- Benzyl Para Chlorophenol - 3% w/v
  • Ortho Phenyl Phenol- 4% w/v
  • Bis- n- Tributyltin Oxide (TBTO)- 0.5% w/v
  • Inert Ingredients- Q.S


  • Works efficiently in hard water with better residual activity.
  • Highly effective on coccidial spores even in the presence of organic matter.
  • Non-corrosive on vehicle spray.

Packaging: 1L & 5 L


Application Dosage
Terminal disinfection 10-20 ml/l of water (1-2 l water /100 sq. ft.)
Foot Bath, Vehicle spray 4 ml/l of water
Thermal Fogging 3.8 l of for every 6000 to 8000 sq. ft. of floor space (2.8 ml/m2)

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