Petfood and Rendering Technologies

Kemin Nutrisurance



From our team of scientists and application equipment engineers to industry-leading pet food solutions, what sets Kemin Nutrisurance apart is our technical expertise and commitment to providing products and services that meet the needs of pet food manufacturers, renderers and ingredient suppliers.


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A Full Complement of Petfood Ingredient and Rendering Services

Kemin brings expertise to every step of the petfood ingredient manufacturing process to assure the quality and performance of our products and to develop innovative solutions that address evolving consumer expectations.

When creating a winning petfood brand, you need a trusted partner that understands all phases of the petfood and rendering manufacturing process because changes to a single formula specification can affect everything from petfood diet stability to palatability. At Kemin, we appreciate and understand how raw materials, production processes and other factors can impact the final petfood diet and are focused on providing industry-leading products and services that meet stabilization, palatability, ingredient exclusion and formulation needs. We provide valuable services and support for every phase of petfood production.