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Mould Control

Preventing mould growth after harvest and during storage is essential to retaining grain quality and preserving nutritional value. Therefore, maintaining the quality that exists at the time of harvest is the goal. Preventing mould growth not only helps preserve nutrients, it can help reduce the formation of harmful mycotoxins. Moulds can produce several toxic metabolites known as mycotoxins, which are food contaminants.

To combat these issues, Kemin created cost-effective preservative solutions for grain, grain processing, other raw material and finished feed treatments to prevent mould growth. Over the years, Kemin has thoroughly tested, evaluated and perfected various combinations to arrive at cutting-edge products in the Myco CURB® range.

Safe grains, oilseeds, and compound feeds are prerequisites for safe food. Furthermore, good animal performance can only be achieved with hygienically safe feedstuff.

The Spoilage System

Storage of grains, oilseeds, and feeds are dynamic ecosystems in which living organisms (grains, insects, mites, moulds ) and a non-living environment (temperature, moisture level, and migration, condensation, oxygen) are interacting with one another, with bio-deterioration as the result.

The Consequences of Bad Storage

The balance of essential nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids will be disturbed and the energy content reduced. Mycotoxins will have a negative impact on food safety and public health, and will also have a significant impact on animal performance and productivity.

Good Storage Practices

Four steps are considered critical for the successful storage of feed and grain:

  1. Drying appropriately
  2. Cooling adequately
  3. Monitoring properly with required corrective actions
  4. Using Myco CURB

Myco CURB is vital to prevent spoilage in storage grains, oilseeds, and compound feeds, and achieve long-term feedstuff storage stability. That way the product assures successful storage and contributes to food safety.

Mould Control Solutions

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