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Kemtrace® Supreme

Kemtrace® Supreme – Reimagine Mineral Nutrition

Kemtrace® Supreme is a highly bioavailable complete organic trace mineral mix of Metal Propionates ensuring optimal mineral nutrition in poultry broiler, layer and breeder birds and reduces oxidative stress to enhance absorption.

Kemtrace® Supreme is manufactured in state-of-the-art IOMPS facility (Integrated Organic Mineral Production System) with 9 quality check parameters ensuring high quality organic minerals without the risk of heavy metal and dioxins.


  • Optimized mineral formulation with 8 organic minerals
  • Anti-stress factors to boost performance
  • Manufactured in IOMPS
  • Completely substitutes inorganic minerals at lower dosages
  • 9 Quality checks ensure heavy metal and dioxins levels as per EFSA recommendations


IOMPS- State of the art manufacturing

Kemin’s Metal Propionates are manufactured in Kemin’s Integrated Organic Mineral Production System to ensure:

  • >95% conversion from inorganic to organic minerals
  • More stable minerals
  • Better Mineral complex formation

Optimized Mineral concentration

  • All the minerals are optimized to fulfill the nutrient requirement
  • Higher Zn, Mn, Cr concentration to fit needs of Broiler, Layer and Breeders

Boosted with Antistress Factors

  • Antistress factor is added to reduce oxidative stress
  • Higher Chromium concentration to reduce  overall stress, boost immunity and increase meat yield

Inclusion levels:

Broiler and Layer: 500g/MT of feed

Breeder: 1000g/MT of feed


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